Review – Poor Service Provider of Pharmaceuticals Home Home is another Australia-based and owned shop selling meds and supplements in “discount chemist prices”. I have noticed that the best selling products are supplements like whey protein and vitamins. I am not sure what to make of it though, as it is too early on to judge whether this site is going to be great or not.

The site doesn’t say how long has it been in the business, but judging from the reviews, it had been around for a few years. The site sells meds we can usually find in typical pharmacies: supplements, vitamins, toiletries, etc. Sadly, there is no listing for ED medication. There was even no “men’s health” category. I tried looking for ED meds under the “prescription” category, but can’t find any ED medication under there either.

The ED meds are searchable though, but weren’t included in the product listings. The site has Viagra and Cialis. For 25 mg Viagra tabs by 4, the cost is AU$11.99; for 100 mg by 12s, AU$29.99. Cialis costs AU$94.99 for 4pcs (10 mg); and AU$164.99 for 28 pieces (5 mg). As chemist prices, these are quite good deals for the ED medication.

What I have noticed is that there is no indication whether the medication they are selling are “generics” or the branded ones. The site just keeps on mentioning that the prices are “discount chemist prices”. Does it mean the meds are branded? Or are they generics, that’s why they were given the discounted price?

And another concern for me is their FDA approval. If indeed the products are approved, there should have been something in the site mentioning these certifications. So it is still a question if the meds are with the FDA’s seal of approval.

Like most of the online pharmacies, payment method accepted by the site is through credit card. It’s alright, but I would like to see a cash-on-delivery online pharmacy someday.

What I like about this site, on the one hand, is that their clear put information regarding their policies. According to the info, orders are dispatched within 24 hours if the products are in stock, but it takes 48-72 hours if the products need to be restocked.

Transit times take 3-7 days within AU, delivered by Australia Post’s E-parcel service. International orders take 7-21 working days to arrive. The fees, however, are not indicated in the site; what is stated is that for Australia orders, the site offers free shipping for orders AU$99 up.

Returns are allowed, provided that the returns qualify under the criteria set for product returns. Return and refund claims are only viable within 10 days of product receipt, for wrong orders, damaged orders, or missing or incomplete orders.

The company can be contacted through 1300 308 143. There is also a physical address included, and the site actually welcomes visitors. For the inquiries, the site had a “contact us” and “phone us” tabs in-site. I have contacted the customer support regarding ED medication, unfortunately, the attendants were not online to attend to my query as soon as possible. Reviews: Reviews Reviews

It is a very good indication that the site had a number of reviews both on-site and in third-party review sites. The content of these reviews are actually both positive and negative; there are commendations but there are also complaints regarding the site’s performance.

A review by Quang from Bankstown mentioned the site’s poor customer service. The client made a mistake regarding the shipping info, and no assistance was given by the site. It ended up the client not being able to receive the 170 USD order. No refund was given too. On the other hand, Sharon of Sydney and Dylo gave the site an excellent rating for their fast delivery and excellent customer service. So it is a bit confusing to me that several clients can give the site excellent ratings, and then be rated by the other clients so poorly at the same time.

All in all, the site was rated 2.4 out of 5 stars (16 reviews) because of their poor service. 11 out of the 16 reviews were “bad” and “terrible“; while only 5 were “excellent” ratings. Talk about bad customer service.

YourChemistShop Reviews 2016:

YourChemistShop Reviews 2016
YourChemistShop Reviews 2016


Your Chemist Shop Scam Analysis
Your Chemist Shop Scam Analysis

I would like to think that the site has already improved their service in this recent year. But I was wrong. The company still continued to receive poor ratings from customers in the most recent reviews. Moonee Ponds from Melbourne complains about receiving wrong orders and no refund and compensation for the mistake.

Although the site was rated excellent by Catherine for the great product and fast service, I still can’t stop thinking about the other negative reviews the site was given. Those still reflected the type of service that the company is giving its clients. And I wouldn’t want to experience that firsthand, even if they offer good deals on their ED products.

What is impressive, though, is that it received a high trust rating from Scam Adviser. It was given 98%. But then again, the customer reviews should reflect this trust rating properly. The result is still confusing.

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Bonus and Rewards offered by offers free shipping for orders AU$99 and up. It also has a reward points system, where every AU$1=1 point; and each 100 points can be redeemed for AU$2. Seems good for long-term customers. If there are any left.

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