Rxquickmed.com Review – A Ghost Medicine Store!

Rxquickmed.com Main Page
Rxquickmed.com Main Page

Rxquickmed.com is another closed domain case with no known explanations for its shutdown. When it was operational, it claimed to be facilitating 100,000-plus customers by letting them purchase medicines from internationally respected pharmaceutical companies and U.S. manufacturers and nationally recognized distributors. Let’s investigate what RxQuickMed was offering to its customers and whether it had a positive reputation on the internet or not:
Rx Quick Med wasn’t very open in terms of providing basic information about itself to customers. It didn’t let its visitors know where it was working from and for how long it stayed in business before going bust. Regarding the authenticity of its medicines, RxQuickMed declared that its medicine stock was from pharmacies that had manufacturing approval from the Food and Drug Administration. In contrast to other online pharmacies dealing with medications for nearly all types of health conditions under the moon, Rx Quick Med was only offering its customers medicines for treatment of erectile dysfunction and hair loss.

For the treatment of erectile dysfunction, customers could buy 3 tablets of brand Viagra (100 mg) from Rx Quick Med for $170.00. For those customers who preferred Cialis, its brand version was being sold at the store and 3 tablets were to cost customers $187.00. Credit cards were the only acceptable method of payment at RxQuickMed.

The purchased medicines were being dispatched through FedEx and USPS service in discrete packaging. Customers could choose to receive their orders through FedEx Priority and get hold of them in 2 business days. Or they could choose the FedEx Express Saver delivery option and get hold of their orders in three business days. Those going for the USPS could choose the Express Mail method and get hold of their orders 1-2 business days. The shipping prices cannot be determined now as they depended on the destinations and distances involved and were to be calculated at the time of the checkout.

People looking for assistance before order placement were advised to contact the customer support on the email address [email protected] or call on (866) 460-1925 as an alternate. Since the return of products was not allowed by RxQuickMed, it wasn’t giving its customers any refunds as well.

Rxquickmed.com Reviews

It is worthwhile to see what customers thought about RxQuickMed’s services in order to get a complete picture about its products and services quality and reputation. However, there was no feedback anywhere shared by the customers who bought at Rx Quick Med. This makes one wonder whether RxQuickMed had any customers in actuality or not. Detailed reviews and recommendations aside, there is no mention of Rx Quick Med anywhere by commenters in any of the popular pharmacy reviewing forums and review sites.

Rxquickmed.com Reviews 2016

We decided to check whether we could locate some background information regarding Rxquickmed.com on Scam Advisor and were able to dig some information out:

Rxquickmed.com Has Been Threat Listed
Rxquickmed.com Has Been Threat Listed

Scam Advisor found out that Rx Quick Med was most probably working from the United Kingdom but it’s not clear whether it received any traffic or not. That’s why Scam Advisor considered it a threat-prone site for visitors and advised them to use care and caution when browsing this site.

Rxquickmed.com Coupon Codes

For those hoping to save some money on their much-required medicines, Rxquickmed.com was certainly not the place that would have helped him to do that. There were no discount schemes, codes, free product samples, etc, that would help customers save some money or get more value for their purchases at Rx Quick Med.

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