Verdict: Shop With Confidence
We recommend to our readers due to positive customer feedback, confirmed quality of products, short delivery time and satisfaction guarantees covering orders
OPEN Front Front is unlike any other web pharmacy—this store has functioned for more than 12 years online and has proven itself reliable through the years. Most online shops come and go, but Reliable Rx Pharmacy still stands. Clients have enjoyed quality products with affordable prices from the store for long and will continue to do so in the coming years.

Reliable products are the main feature of this online pharmacy. only sources its medicines from reliable manufacturers of brand-name and generic-name medications. You can find medicines from renowned companies such as Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline on Reliable Rx Pharmacy, but you can also opt for products from US FDA and internationally acclaimed Indian pharmaceutical brands such as Cipla, Sun Pharma, and Ajanta Pharma. Reliable Rx Pharmacy assures the impeccable quality of its medications through their FDA approvals—the store only sold medications approved by the Food and Drug Administration (either brand or generic).

If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for medications, may be able to help you out. Reliable Rx Pharmacy offers an extensive spectrum of products on its site, encompassing medications for various clinical illnesses such as infections, allergies, hypertension, cancer, impotence, acne and other skin diseases, and a lot more. Out of all the medicines on the store, though, the best-selling products are Careprost, Tenvir, and ZyhCG. Besides the three products, Reliable Rx Pharmacy featured several products as well, such as Vitafizz Plus, Vitafizz Calcium, Ginko Plus, Omega Flex, Super Joints, Crampstop, and various others. All of the best-selling meds and featured products available on Reliable Rx Pharmacy are also from well-reputed companies from the United States, Europe, and basically the whole world.

Since most men’s health products are extremely popular in online pharmacies, I sought the prices of the iconic products such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra or their generic parallels, whenever available. During my check, though, there were no brand name products on the store, but the shop sold famed Indian brands. According to the price list for the products, Tadacip (generic counterpart for Cialis) from Cipla is available on the store for at least $14.40 (4 plus 4 bonus pills) and its Kamagra (generic counterpart for Viagra) from Ajanta Pharma is also available on the store for at least $14.40 (4 plus 4 bonus pills).

Concerning shipping, the store charges a flat rate of $12 for the shipping and handling of the products on the store. Payments, on the other hand, are done through VISA credit card payments.

If your orders are lost or damaged, you may reach out to Reliable Rx Pharmacy’s support team via the live chat function or its contact numbers (Toll-Free: +1(855) 870-5513, International Tel: +1(213)291-0788, and Fax: +1(760) 284-5903). The shop’s representative was quick to respond when I asked about its free shipping promo and was pleasant to chat with. Reviews has a lot of reviews posted for its service, which indicates buyer satisfaction for the performance of the store. Here are some of the client comments existing for the store Reliable Rx Pharmacy:

David posted his review for on August 2016 and stated that he was a customer of the shop for several years already. He lauded the store’s high product quality and its excellent service rendered to him during the past. He recommended that other consumers try the service of this web drugstore.

Shelly, another client, posted her review for the store on May 2016 and like David, mentioned that she was a regular of She also went on telling how good the service and the products of the shop were and also endorsed the use of this online pharmacy.

One of the most recent comments for was from June Parsons (from Glasgow) who related his first experience with the web store. According to him, Reliable Rx Pharmacy was impeccable with its service, products, and even delivery. Overall, the consumer was well-pleased with the service rendered him by the shop. Reviews 2017

Most online pharmacies fail to have recent reviews for their performance, but not Reliable Rx Pharmacy. also had reviews for its service in 2017 and surprisingly, from clients admiring its dependable service and products:

The client Jamie (from New York) posted on August 2017 and recounted his HCG order from the shop. According to him, the products were genuine and effective and he was able to feel a significant difference in his body after his use of the product he sourced from Reliable Rx Pharmacy.

Although lengthy, the gist of Vicky P’s comment (posted July 2017) was that had “attentive customer service”. She needed to cancel one of her orders and the shop was kind enough to assist her in the process. Apart from this, she was also able to successfully receive her previous orders from Reliable Rx Pharmacy. Coupon Codes

Although no coupon code presently exists on the web shop, is currently offering discounts for its clients to help them lower down the medication prices even more.


According to the ad above, is offering a 10% discount for buyers able to pay for their orders using E-checks and the shop is able to offer up to $25 off a single purchase.

Apart from this, assures its clients that its shipping charge is an affordable $12—unlike other shops’ exorbitant rates for their shipping charges.


The store is one of the few places on the internet where you can truly “reliably” purchase your meds from. Reliable Rx Pharmacy is offering a wide range of product options from well-certified brands, but for the most affordable prices. Consumers can also leverage the shop’s present discounts to mitigate the prices even more. I find highly recommendable and for me, this store is definitely a 5 out of 5 star rated shop.

Verdict: Shop With Confidence
We recommend to our readers due to positive customer feedback, confirmed quality of products, short delivery time and satisfaction guarantees covering orders
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