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One of the domain seizures I was most shocked about was for This platform has been one of my favorite web platforms, especially for buyer reviews for several online pharmacies. This site has helped a lot of buyers seek out the best online stores in the market, as the store did not only provide reviews for online pharmacies— PharmacyReviewer also provided a way for clients to post their comments for online pharmacy platforms. Today, instead of finding the helpful platform, the store’s nothing more than a huge warning from the US government stating that was a seized domain with a warrant issued for its closure by a local court for its illegal activities. It is depressing to see this domain in this state, and it is because was one of the most useful platforms when it came to pharmacy store evaluations. started its service in 2007 with an aim of making online drug shopping as safe and cheap as possible for clients. Besides proving reviews for a plethora of online pharmacies, the store also provided interaction for users, as the store had a forum section where the users asked questions from other members concerning medications and where to buy them and also concerning which online pharmacies to trust or to avoid.

Even with the message from the government stating that PharmacyReviewer had illegal involvements, I had trouble believing that the store was involved in illicit web activities such as selling counterfeit medications. only had reviews for online sites and products and did not have an actual store. For me, Pharmacy Reviewer was more helpful than a nuisance since the platform offered unbiased reviews from real people and real consumers of online pharmacies. gave the users the power to air their unbiased opinions for drugs and online pharmacies and also verified the comments and the complaints of buyers posting on the platform.

I am at a loss due to the disappearance of on the web. There are only a few reliable platforms carrying real reviews from real people—it is difficult finding a platform with no intent but to help clients shop safely and with ease. Also, PharmacyReviewer is also one online platform with a huge database for buyer comments and reviews and no other platform—either for reviews or for forums—has the same extensive database similar to

Today, there is no news if the saved its data or moved to a new platform. I searched the web and there is no information on where is now, although the internet archives house former data for However, the internet archive data for PharmacyReviewer was incomplete, since the retrieved data were limited only to what the users saved when accessing during the past. Reviews

It is odd to look for reviews for a pharmacy reviewer site, but since it is imperative that I locate user comments for PharmacyReviewer, I searched the web for mentions for Most of the users commenting for mourned its loss, however, I was able to locate one complaint about the domain: Consumers Report Consumers Report

According to one alleged “buyer”, he ordered a product on and was charged $165 but he never received his order. The buyer also mentioned being given a fake tracking number for his order.

It is our tendency to believe almost everything we see on the web, but I tried to be more objective when it came to this comment. Even if there was this negative comment for PharmacyReviewer, there were several responses for this buyer and all of them commented that was not an actual store but a review website. I agree with the other user responses—the shop did not actually sell products, it only provided a way for the buyers to post their reviews for several online pharmacies and about products sold online. Reviews 2016

Since it is actually odd looking for reviews for a review website (and there were actually none available for the platform for the current year), I tried using other online platforms to review I utilized Scam Adviser and Legit Script and here are their results: Trust Rating Trust Rating was given a low trust rating by Scam Adviser due to its current rogue internet pharmacy standing and its involvement in high-risk countries and because its owner used a service to hide its real location. The age determined for PharmacyReviewer was 10 years and the store was regarded as one of the popular domains included in the Alexa ranking. Is a Rogue Internet Pharmacy Is a Rogue Internet Pharmacy

Using Legit Script, I was able to know that the platform was rated a rogue internet pharmacy due to its inability to comply with set rules and regulations for proper website functioning. Coupon Codes

Being a review site, did not have coupon codes and discount offers for its users. The platform was merely a review site which offered insight for an extensive database of web pharmacies and web products and also helped the clients gain wisdom in ordering online. Even if allowed discussions for online pharmacies, there was no provision of voucher codes and similar deals for the clients.

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