Home Page of Pharmacy2u.co.uk

Home Page of Pharmacy2u.co.uk

Pharmacy2u.co.uk is claiming itself as the “Largest NHS Contracted Pharmacy” in the United Kingdom. It started its operations in 1999, and after almost 2 decades, is still up and running. Unlike its online counterparts, the store did not lose its clients. Pharmacy2u.co.uk continues to serve its clients with the same quality service it gave several years ago; it continues to gain more clients as proven by its 5 millionth item dispensed in July 2016.

Pharmacy2u.co.uk is unique because it does not follow the conventional format of the ordinary online sites found on the web. This site seemed more vibrant and compact, still full of information for clients to feed on. I have discovered that there were various services offered by Pharmacy2u.co.uk which is not only a portal for buying meds. Clients can have their private (own) prescriptions filled here, they can consult online GPs affiliated with Pharmacy2u.co.uk (if in case clients do not have Rx to show), and clients can have their previous prescriptions refilled by the pharmacy and for free shipping.

Medications being sold at Pharmacy2u.co.uk involve prescription and OTC meds, and also brand-name and generic medications. Patients may freely order the OTC meds, while the Rx meds require actual prescriptions to be dispensed. But patients without available Rx’s can make use of Pharmacy2u.co.uk’s online doctor function. The consultation isn’t free, but the pharmacy includes the cost of the consultations in its products already, so clients won’t have to pay for a separate doctor’s fee.

As for the prices, I was surprised that Pharmacy2u.co.uk maintained reasonable prices despite its “celebrity” status as an online pharmacy. For instance, Pfizer’s Viagra (100 mg) at Pharmacy2u.co.uk costs only $67.27 for a pack of 8 pills. Previous sites I had been to charges clients for about $80 per pill, claiming they have already included the fees in their pricing. Cialis on this site is also affordably priced; the 8-pill pack of the 20 mg type costs only $79.16. Pharmacy2u.co.uk’s prices really came as a surprise; I wasn’t really expecting low prices considering its reliability status. This makes me excited in dealing with this site more and more.

With regards to shipping, Pharmacy2u.co.uk has some unpleasant news for international consumers—it only ships to clients within the UK, and with no exceptions. Even the shipping of Pharmacy2u.co.uk is rather impressive, as it is able to ship all orders over $49 within the UK free via Royal Mail First Class Post. But should clients opt for Courier Delivery, they are charged only with $7.10.

As for payments, clients may pay using Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Amex, and Paypal. For ease of access, clients may also download Pharmacy2u.co.uk’s app from the App Store and Play Store. Clients may inquire at Pharmacy2u.co.uk by e-mailing Support using the e-mail function on the pharmacy. Replies usually take 24 hours, according to the site info. Here is Pharmacy2u.co.uk’s contact information: 0113 265 0222.

Pharmacy2u.co.uk Reviews:

Pharmacy2u.co.uk Reviews

Pharmacy2u.co.uk Reviews

I was literally overjoyed seeing Pharmacy2u.co.uk reviews at TrustPilot.com. It is seldom I get to see external client reviews, more so great client reviews from third-party sites like Pharmacy2u.co.uk.

Reviews for Pharmacy2u.co.uk at TrustPilot.com were all verified purchase reviews by generally satisfied clients. An unnamed client (Aug 26, 2016) rated the pharmacy 5 stars and stated that ordering at the store was perfect, and everything went well.

Judith Pollard (posted August 26, 2016) also commended Pharmacy2u.co.uk’s service, as she was able to receive her order in a timely manner. She also liked the fact that her order was packaged properly. She rated the pharmacy 5/5.

The review by Colin, however, though indicated 5/5, told how he was inconvenienced by Pharmacy2u.co.uk by not telling him that he had to pick-up his order from the Royal Mail Depot. He related how difficult it was in his condition to get out and collect his order, as almost every breath, to him, was a cliff-hanger. He still rated the store 5/5 and told that it needed just a bit of fine-tuning.

Seeing several 5-star external client reviews for a certain site is almost like a Christmas-in-July feeling for me. I almost never get to see happy client reviews, so to me, these good client accounts of Pharmacy2u.co.uk’s service are a rare find.

Pharmacy2u Reviews 2016:

Pharmacy2u Reviews 2016

Pharmacy2u Reviews 2016

Pharmacy2u Trust Rating by Scamadviser

Pharmacy2u Trust Rating by Scamadviser

2016 client reviews for Pharmacy2u.co.uk did not disappoint too, as the site’s service was rated 5/5 by well-pleased clients (with verified orders) who were able to experience Pharmacy2u.co.uk’s service.

According to J Gallagher, (posted October 13, 2016) the site made his order process much easier to deal with. He was also able to receive what he ordered in a short amount of time. The client said he will surely recommend.

Teresa P, another reviewer who gave Pharmacy2u.co.uk 5/5 (posted October 14, 2016), told in her review that she was impressed at how easy it was to order from Pharmacy2u.co.uk. She also commended the delivery speed and said that she will use the pharmacy again.

Not only were the reviews 5-star; Pharmacy2u.co.uk’s rating was also perfect—it was also given a 100% safe rating by Scam Adviser. I think this needs no further evaluation.

Pharmacy 2 U Coupon Codes:

Free Airmail Delivery for All Orders Above on Pharmacy 2 U

Free Airmail Delivery for All Orders Above $50 on Pharmacy 2 U

Free shipping for orders above $49 is available at Pharmacy2u.co.uk. This promo is nice, as the amount needed to avail the free shipping is quite low. I’m sure a lot of clients would reel for this.


Since Pharmacy2u.co.uk proves to be exceptional in all aspects of being an online pharmacy, I would just be brief and rate it 5 out of 5, which I never did before. I am impressed from start to finish, and it is my hope that all sites would be like Pharmacy2u.co.uk. This is a highly recommended site, especially if you’re in the UK area; Pharmacy2u.co.uk is certainly a must-try.


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