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This is the first Thai-based site I have reviewed so far., as its name suggests, is a site from Pattaya (in Thailand), which specializes in selling Kamagra (Sildenafil). As to when it started vending ED meds, I am not sure, but the copyright is dated 2016; an indication that the site is fairly new. is unique because the prices are in Thai Baht. But no worries for international clients, as there is an option for US dollar currency and Euro too. And because it’s named “PattayaKamagra”, the site sells mostly Kamagra (Sildenafil) products, with the drugs varying only in form. Aside from Kamagra though, the site also has Black Ant King (Sildenafil), Tadalafil products (Apcalis and Tadalafil), and several Anabolic steroids.

The products the site sells are exclusively manufactured by Ajanta Pharma ( in India. According to Ajanta’s site, one of its facilities is approved by the US FDA, and the other is “getting ready for the same”, meaning that it might be in the process of research and testing. As for the ED meds is selling, however, there is no indication whether they are approved by the FDA or not.

Prices of the products are super low, and as I have read previously in several threads related to Kamagra products in Thailand, Sildenafil drugs are really cheap there, so low that there are no “fakes” competing with the existing brands. Kamagra (Sildenafil) 100 mg costs $11.48 for a pack of 8 pills, and only $71.75 for a pack of a hundred. Apcalis (Tadalafil) 20 mg costs $13.78 for a pack of 8, while it costs only $165.31 for a 128-pill pack. There is also a cheaper option for Tadalafil, the “Tadalafil” brand; it costs only about $11.48 for 10 pieces, and only $80.38 for 100 pieces.

I don’t know if you’ve heard about “Black Ant King” pills, but the site has them too. I think this is famous in Thailand due to its stronger potency (or so it claims) than the average Sildenafil brand. These pills cost $15.50 for a 10-piece pack, and only $36.16 if bought by 30s. takes payments through direct bank transfers, credit card (has an additional 15% charged by the bank), and through Cash-on-Delivery (COD), which I find rather interesting. This is the only site (so far) with a COD payment option. This is only offered in selected areas in Thailand though, so if you’re in any place in Thailand where this service is offered, you’re in luck.

Free shipping is also offered for orders 1000 Thai Baht ($29) and up for local clients in Pattaya. Standard shipping rate for Thailand orders is $2.26 (79 Thai Baht), and takes only about 2 days to arrive. The site also ships internationally via EMS courier, and costs about $26. The parcel is trackable (the site has a tracking option available), but I do not have any idea regarding the transit time, as it is not indicated in the shipping info of the site. But maybe, as with my experience with international shipping, transit takes a minimum of 7 days to a maximum of a month to arrive. But since EMS is the courier, arrival time is probably faster.

Unfortunately, there is no return policy stated in the site. However, the site provides a “return” sheet in its “Contact Us” section, but has no policy or conditions indicated for eligibility for the process.

As for the customer support of this site, there is no live chat option. But clients can send in their questions through the “Contact Us” section of the site. There is no email to contact the site by; clients are to wait for the site’s response. There are also no numbers to contact the site with, in case there are no replies for the messages that were sent to them.

PattayaKamagra Reviews:

As I have (sort of) expected, there are no reviews pertaining to this site’s service or the products it sells. Even on-site product reviews or testimonials can’t be found. I wish there were, though, so that I could have had an overview of the actual service this site is capable of. But since there are actually no reviews to prove that can offer good service and products, I am left to assume that this is but another disreputable site.

Pattaya Kamagra Reviews 2016:

Pattaya Kamagra Scam Analysis

PattayaKamagra Scam Analysis


Pattaya Kamagra Scam Analysis

Pattaya Kamagra Scam Analysis

The reviews from Scam Adviser and Scam Analyze are less than encouraging too; the results were kind of low. The first analysis, which came from Scam Adviser, indicated that the site is “relatively new without feedback” (as I suspected earlier). It was also rated only 60% safe.

For the Scam Analyze’s result, it rated the site “Safe” for browsing, but indicated that the site is not “HTTP Secure”, meaning that any information a client gives away in this site are not encrypted; therefore vulnerable for cyber theft. Coupon Codes:

Because of the already low pricing, the site does not have additional promos for clients. But they do have free shipping for local consumers in Pattaya only.


It is unique that this site specializes on a few ED medications only, which is actually good. I also liked that this site offers super-low prices that can really compete with the prices of the other sites I have visited. Cash-on-delivery is also something new; is the only site I know that is currently offering this payment method, though it is for local customers only.

I would have recommended this site if not for its lack of reviews and lack of ways to contact this site by. It’s such a shame that site cannot offer more customer support than the form in the “Contact Us” section. For me, it is important to have ample communication service for customers to contact the site’s support, so that the site can be able to clarify details that clients may not be able to understand. Customer service also plays a huge role in the order process, so lack of it is quite a big deal for me.

Also, sites like this with no reviews are also risky to deal with, as there is no telling if it can really deliver or not. Or there is no way of telling if it’s just a waste of money ordering from this site, or that if I can really get a good deal out of this site.

I give this site 2 out of 5, and I would not recommend for clients to buy their ED meds here. I wouldn’t buy here either, unless I had considerable proof that it’s not a waste to deal with this site.

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