Is Seized: What Customers Should Do Now was recently blocked by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), a unit of Homeland Security. There have been allegations of illegal drug trafficking against it. When visitors try to access now, they learn the seriousness of the offense though this message: has been Seized by ICE has been Seized by ICE

As per law, bringing in and buying misbranded or unbranded medicines in America is a serious crime which can lead to serving jail time (as many as 5 years) and paying a heavy penalty (starting from $250,000). The owners of and other online medicine selling services are facing these consequences now because they were involved in the sales and distribution of unbranded medicines.

This kind of a crackdown on generic medicine supplier and sellers show that the establishment is serious in its efforts to curtail unbranded medicines from offshore companies from infiltrating the country; however, it is not doing much to curb the domination of huge drug manufacturers in the USA and international market. Their undue power allows them to overprice their medicines and fleece the public. Reviews

After a legal action was taken against, all information related to it on the web gotten obliterated. Or maybe, there wasn’t much information available in the first place, as there weren’t many visitors thronging! From the name of the pharmacy, one can determine that dealt with generic medicines. But it cannot be determined now for how long it was online before it was forced shut or medicines for which kinds of health issues were available there. The only information one can get about is provided by Scam Advisor. When one scans the name of on Scam Advisor, one gets to know that it was functioning from China. Scam Advisor thus assigned it a low score on trustworthiness and user’s data safety.

Is a Fake Site?
Is a Fake Site?

Some more data is found on WOT about a HP hosts site reported on 7 November 2016 that used to phish users’ information. LegitScript, however, had listed as a rogue online pharmacy much earlier i.e., 26 October 2013. Warnings from Third-party Sources Warnings from Third-party Sources

Furthermore, it was also blacklisted on the database of Joe Wein on 14 October 2013 for spamming. Other reviews on WOT establish the same fact. GURBL reported on 9 January 2014 that was one of the many “malicious domains” guilty of spreading “spamtraps”. Another source called Pspiersy reported on 27 October 2012 as being infected with a “malicious malware”. Feedback Feedback Alternatives’s domain is blocked now and it’s unlikely it would get back online. It was not a trustworthy resource, as determined by our review. So, you must be wondering how you can distinguish a genuine online pharmacy from a fake one. We have made this task easy for you. We keep assessing lots of online pharmacies on different aspects and assign them scores accordingly. This is how we have shortlisted the most authentic and trustable online pharmacies with the lowest prices. We have also used actual user reviews and numerous tools to support our ratings. Therefore, you can trust our analysis and make your purchase decisions accordingly.

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