is closed. We Suggest
We recommend you try as it is the most reliable pharmacy at the moment according to customer reviews has been unexpectedly closed down by the ICE Homeland Investigations. The domain of this website now bears a notice that says that it has been shut down because of a couple of federal crimes that involves According to the ICE, there are court orders released to terminate the drug store immediately under the charges of selling fake drugs and also violating the copyright acts. has been penalized for both the crimes with either a heavy fine or several years of imprisonment. This is a moment of utter surprise and grief for the customers who were buying from in routine. has been Seized by ICE has been Seized by ICE

So it is highly suspected that this act is being carried out with the support from the famous pharmaceutical brands which are widespread across the world. These companies cannot tolerate the existence of smaller businesses related to medicine as they can collectively cause a great deal of loss in the customers as well as the annual sales and profits. Also because these stores are selling generic medications, it has become absolutely essential for the reputed businesses to cut them off for their own survival. has just been among the unlucky victims who were targeted before the others. History

According to the owner of, the website had been running for almost nine years and has earned a good reputation by selling good quality generic medications at amazingly low. The company claimed to be user-friendly with no inconveniences in any aspect. The safety of the customer’s data was ensured. It was also said that the drugs sold at this platform were absolutely legal. Main Page Main Page

There were no reviews found on the independent sources regarding Those which were posted on the official website were fake and in fact, copied from other pharmacy websites. Several online complaints had been registered in the name of One of them said that the company made the customers pay using the Western Union and later on, threatened to inform the DEA unless the customers paid more. Moreover, never dispatched the medicines to the customers. Scamadvisor was not so sure about the popularity as well as the credibility of this drug store. Contrary to the statement made by the drug store, Scamadvisor was of the opinion that the website was new. A malware report was also associated with its functioning. Alternatives

As an alternative to, a number of pharmacies can be considered. The difficulty arises when the customers have to choose the best one among all of these. Moreover, they have to be really sure that the company they choose is authentic and not a scam.

It might take months for you to decide a new online store to purchase cheap drugs from. To help you out, we have conducted a personal research and compiled a list of top pharmacies that we think are the best ones on the internet. You can follow our suggestions to save time and money and also to get your medications on time.

is closed. We Suggest
We recommend you try as it is the most reliable pharmacy at the moment according to customer reviews
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