Ipharmacylist.com Review – Fishy Online Pharmacy Broker with No Contact Info

Ipharmacylist.com Front
Ipharmacylist.com Front

Shopping for medications in different locations can be hectic. I am looking for a self-contained shop to buy medications without hassle. IPharmacyList.com claims that it is a top rated one-stop destination for all my prescription drug needs. They will offer a substitute for higher prices and give me the best deal on my medication available anywhere. They ensure that they list a pharmacy that is legal and licensed, conducts online business safely, securely, and professionally. They are medical brokers between clients and Online Drug Stores. From the genesis, the site looks like a scam. Reasons being, they don’t indicate their location, neither do they indicate when they started operating, and to make matters worse they don’t sell drugs. They only list trusted and reputable pharmacies who sell FDA-approved medications on their site. I wonder how they do that.

I might have understood Ipharmacylist.com business model of listing the reputable pharmacies but, conspicuously missing is the list of the stores. Why would they omit the list of their partners, and go ahead to list and explicitly sell drugs on their behalf?

Moving on swiftly. The main assortments of drugs listed on the website include but not limited to the following; Hiv/Aids, Allergy/Asthma, Alzheimers, Anti-biotics, Anti-Inflammatory, Eye care and so much more. Can a human being be so heartless to seek to thrive at the detriment of others?

Having lost a family member in the past, (may her soul rest in peace) after suffering from cancer. I noticed Altretamine, a prescription used in managing cancer. It is a common drug they have listed on the site. But on clicking it, I am prompted first to register. The registration page is blank and does not let me registered. I have found a price for Viagra on this website and a generic 100mg viagra may cost $2.50 to $9.0.

iPharmacyList claims most of the pharmacies they list are snappy with delivery and within 24 to 48 hours I can get my order. But some can take two to three weeks. They also advise it is best to look at the online pharmacy and see their shipping times. That’s so confusing, right? And this takes me to my previous question why omit the list of their partners?

I cannot place an order through Ipharmacylist.com as they are not a pharmacy, or so do they say. That then implies that I cannot access information about the shipping charges, the delivery methods, and the most important one the payment methods unless I first register. Connecting all these dots only leads me to come to one conclusion; this site is not safe to partner with. It is an outright scam and does not deserve any attention.

I seek to clarify all this with the customer care, and I wasn’t surprised that the email was not answered. Email is the only way to reach them. After taking my valuable 5 minutes to compile a compelling email, the site kept on taking me back to where it all began. Composing another email with the previous one not having being sent. It is also surprising that there is no live chat or phone contact support system to get connected with them.

Contact form on Ipharmacylist.com
Notice for Business Customers on Ipharmacylist.com

IPharmacyList Reviews:

The testimonials on Ipharmacylist.com are not to be trusted as many sites tend to manipulate them to lure unsuspecting customers.

For example Patricia from Florida said, “ We are very thankful for the savings on cost, and would recommend ipharmacylist.com”.

Robert from San Diego lamented, “ My daughter told me about your services, I saved over $1000 a year”.

Rebbecca from Texas seem to have been bitten by the lying bug and says, “ One of the things i love about the site is that I found some reliable legal pharmacies”.

The on-site reviews are prone to manipulation and, hence, cannot be relied on.

Ipharmacylist Reviews
Ipharmacylist Reviews

I Pharmacy List Reviews 2016:

Scamadvisor.com placed a bounty on Ipharmacylist.com. It has been threat listed, and that’s the best price it could have gotten. Important to note too is the store is a loner and is rarely visited.

Scamadviser Report on I Pharmacy List
Scamadviser Report on I Pharmacy List

Ipharmacylist.com Coupon Codes:

Many Online Drug Stores will give out discounts or coupons to their customers. We all know that a smiling client leads to a laughing wallet. Churning through Ipharmacylist.com, there is no sign of any of this. Probably because the owners are busy somewhere enjoying loot. Who needs the discount anyway?? After all, if you help a thief in stealing the criminal justice system will brand you as an accomplice.

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