Main Page Main Page was an online portal to fully licensed Canadian Pharmacies located in British Columbia, Canada. The drugstore’s mission was to provide up to 80% discount for their products. They offered up to 2,000 different varieties of both prescription and over the counter drugs for each patient’s medication needs. The drugstore was licensed by the College of Pharmacists British Columbia. It has also been approved by the International Pharmacy Association of British Columbia (IPABC) and a Licensed Pharmacy Program Member of the Square Trade. All medications sold from the website were inspected accordingly and passed Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards. During the course of their operation, Get Canadian Drugs sold prescription and nonprescription drugs, personal care products, nutrition and wellness supplements, and veterinary drugs. Some of the best sellers or featured items on the pharmacy were Synvisc Hylan, Lustra Hydroquinone Skin cream, Cetirizine, NeoVisc Injection, Emla cream, and Allegra 24 hour. The cost of their medicines cannot be viewed, even the erectile dysfunction drugs. It is being redirected already to the way back machine. Hence, I cannot fully state whether their prices are the same or lower with other online pharmacies. Although not specifically mentioned from the website, patients or customers must book an appointment with a doctor before starting a new drug therapy. This is an important consideration especially if you are taking other drugs and you have a pre-existing medical condition. Many patients suffer from serious adverse effects resulting from the improper use and inadequate information about their medications.

Just like other online drugstores, Get Canadian Drugs offered flexible payment methods using credit cards and online check payments. Visa, MasterCard, and Discover were accepted. Three shipping options were also utilized by the drugstore. Customers could choose between Standard (Regular Airmail), Expedited, and Express Post. Standard or Regular Mail cost $6.99 USD and packages usually arrived within 8-12 business days. If the customer wanted a faster delivery, he/she may opt between Expedited and Express Post, but the shipping and handling charges cost higher. Expedited shipping cost $9.99 USD and waiting time was 7-12 business days. On the other hand, Express Post cost $13.99 and delivery usually took 3-8 business days. The shipping charges were already for the entire order, and not on a per item basis.

Because of the nature of the products, Get Canadian Drugs did not accept returns of medications unless an incorrect order or a damaged item was delivered by the pharmacy. The drugstore may be contacted using their toll-free hotline, which I think is not working any longer. Just the same, they also offered e-mail correspondence for general inquiries and prescription questions on their website. Reviews Feedback Feedback

Testimonials from previous customers were gathered from and the ratings were all not in favor of Get Canadian Drugs.

Christine Fitzgibbon gave 1 out of 5 stars and said that the “company is a scam”. She said that this pharmacy was located in New York, but the medicines they sell were procured from India and Turkey. Moreover, the quality of their products didn’t work. Their return policy was only 50% credit and the generic medicines that they sell are “full of buffers and fillers”. The customer recommended not to buy from this pharmacy.

Audrey also gave a low mark for Get Canadian Drugs. She narrated that her first order was fine. The order was Valsartan, which is a generic alternative of Diovan. However, the second order came and it was a “different brand from Germany”. She said that “it was junk”. She added that Valsartan is a blood pressure medication and “selling garbage that doesn’t work is life threatening”. She advised staying away from this pharmacy.

Lastly, Anne Ingram also gave 1 out of 5 stars and said that this drugstore is a “scam”. She ordered Lupron Depot which is manufactured by Abbott Labs in Illinois. However, just the same with the experience of the previous customer, Get Canadian Drugs sent her a different medication. Lucrin Depot was sent to the customer, instead. This brand was manufactured by Abbot Labs in Turkey. Anne said that the pharmacy searched for the cheapest brands to sell to their customers. It also took her 6-8 weeks to get the product. Reviews 2016 and were also used as a tool to gather more information about the safety and reliability of the website used by Get Canadian Drugs. Trust Rating Trust Rating

The website was found to be based in the United States but it was also most likely from Argentina. The inconsistency in the location relative to what they advertised is very suspicious. Thus, gave the pharmacy a low trust rating and does not recommend browsing the website for safety reasons. Safety Level Safety Level

According to, the website was created 15 years ago but they do not recommend buying using the online portal. The website doesn’t have too many visitors, so the safety may not be assured. Coupon Codes

Since Get Canadian Drugs is no longer operating, no current discount coupons were found. Up to 85% Discounts Up to 85% Discounts

However, the pharmacy assured all customers that by using their online services, they would get up to 85% discount on over 2,000 quality products. This data cannot be proven anymore because the cost of their products could no longer be viewed on the website.

Conclusion was an online portal selling high-quality prescription and over the counter drugs. The pharmacy was licensed and approved by different reputable organizations in Canada. They offered up to 2,000 different varieties of drug products during the course of their business.

I am rating Get Canadian Drugs 1 out of 5 stars because of its bad reputation from its previous buyers. All were claiming that the company was a scam and they are sending different items from what they advertised. This is a heinous act that should not be tolerated.

Although the pharmacy is no longer operating, please stay away from a suspicious company like this. They will steal your money and send you products not worth your money.

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