is closed. We Suggest
We recommend you try as it is the most reliable pharmacy at the moment according to customer reviews has been unfortunate enough to be shut down forcefully by the court of the United States of America. The orders of the court have been carried out by the ICE who has left a notice on the domain previously owned by The message reads that violating the copyrights and selling counterfeit medicines are considered as federal crimes and have been charged with both. The possible punishments for these crimes have also been mentioned in the notice which includes a heavy fine reaching up to 2,000,000 US Dollars or up to ten years imprisonment in the federal jail. has been Seized by ICE has been Seized by ICE

It is quite clear that the shutting down of and many other small pharmaceutical companies is nothing but a propaganda started by the bigger pharmaceutical chains of stores which are not ready to share their pool of customers with any other competitors. Especially after the introduction of generic medication manufactured in India, these branded companies have experienced an alarming decrease in their sales as more and more customers turn towards buying the cheaper generic drugs. To stop this, the generic stores are constantly being seized by making excuses. History was a prominent online drug store, offering a protected, safe, appropriate and private means of acquiring online prescriptions according to the customers’ needs. It was actually a conduit that directed the customers to other appropriate websites selling medicines approved by the FDA. The doctors and the pharmacists working with this store were licensed and only dealt in legal medications. No consultation fee was demanded and the prescription was made for free. There was a free shipping of all the drugs that were offered at very nominal prices. Moreover, the safety of the personal data was also ensured. Main Page Main Page

There were a number of reviews given for this website, most of them being positive. Many independent reviewing websites also had these reviews in which the clients had appreciated the service and quality of medicines of ED Drugstore. It was proven that was a good source of buying legit drugs with full confidence. Some negative reviews also existed about about how they did not deliver on time. What was concerning about this pharmacy is that its name was among those pharmacies which were not recommended by the NABP. Additionally, LegitScript also did not seem too happy about the functioning of ED Drugstore. Other websites were suggestive of the fact that it was not a trustworthy website. Alternatives

As has been suspended, it is crucial for the customers to look for a new web store that has the required medications at cheap rates. The store also needs to have a good credibility so that you might not be spammed on the internet.

If you are in search of a trustable pharmacy store running online, we might be of some help. On our website, we have uploaded a list of all the e-pharmacies that have been tested and proven to be effective as well as safe for buying your personal medications at great prices. So, hurry up and get to the list without wasting any time to have a great online shopping experience.

is closed. We Suggest
We recommend you try as it is the most reliable pharmacy at the moment according to customer reviews
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