Drugstore1st.net Review – Canadian Pharmacy Located in Russia!

Main Page of Drugstore1st.net
Main Page of Drugstore1st.net

Generic pills are the only meds peddled by Drugstore1st.net. Like any site implying that it traces its roots from Canada, Drugstore1st.net includes a maple leaf in its company banner and includes the phrase “HQ Canadian Pharmacy” there too. Based on my experience with a lot of sites, the domain name containing a country or location name isn’t at all times true. Some sites just put the words there for apparently misleading consumers or just plainly for fun. Drugstore1st.net’s copyright dates from 2010 and does not have 2016 on it, meaning that it might not have been renewed since then. That is usually a bad sign for online stores.

Since the products of Drugstore1st.net are purely generic medications, the site offers a not-so-elaborate discussion on what are generic drugs and its similarities and differences with the brand-name ones. In truth, the generic ones are just the same with the brand-name meds in terms of rate of action and effectiveness. They only differ in appearance (because how the brand-name meds look are also patented), marketing and obviously, the price. Generic medicines are not inferior to their brand-name counterparts as they also have the same ingredients and were manufactured under the same stringent conditions as the branded meds. The generic meds sold here at Drugstore1st.net are all approved by the FDA—the Indian FDA in particular, as the generic meds here were mostly manufactured and sourced there.

Prescriptions were not at all discussed by Drugstore1st.net. Sites which usually don’t have discussions regarding the asking of prescriptions for Rx meds are actually not requiring Rx’s of any sort from their clients. I gather that Drugstore1st.net isn’t also requiring its clients to fax or send in their prescriptions for the RX meds they plan to order. But even if this is the case, clients should be responsible for their own well-being and should visit or get advice from their physicians first before taking any prescription medication.

Most of the products sold at Drugstore1st.net are ED meds, but the site also has a few other meds like Propecia for hair loss, Xenical for weight loss, and a few others. The prices for the ED meds here are affordable. I half expected them to be since they were all generics, anyway. Sildenafil Citrate (Generic Viagra) is sold by a minimum of 10 pills and costs $26.22. The Generic Cialis also costs the same as the generic Viagra ($26.22) for 10 pills. I appreciate that Drugstore1st.net did not have too many products in its lineup; it only has the relevant ones for sale.

Regular shipping is charged $14.95 by the Drugstore1st.net while Express shipping costs $29.95. The transit time for the express shipping is up to 15 days, while the regular shipping takes up to a month. Unlike other sites, Drugstore1st.net does not have extra charges like the mandatory insurance fees on top of the shipping costs. Visa, MasterCard, JCB and Diner’s club are the cards accepted by Drugstore1st.net for payment.

For orders which weren’t received for any reason and for orders which incurred damages during transit, Drugstore1st.net offers to reship and refund the clients’ money. For the refunds, however, the full amount will be deducted $19.95 for the shipping fee plus a $10 for the restocking fee. Should there be any client concern regarding the site, clients should be able to contact the site by calling +1 877 296 8037 and leaving a message for the site using its message function.

Drugstore1st.net Reviews:

Drugstore1st.net Reviews
Drugstore1st.net Reviews

There were some client testimonials for Drugstore1st.net, with pictures, even, and all from thankful clients of the site.

Dennis Powell relates how his experience with Drugstore1st.net was better than the experiences he’s had from other sites. Mark Megarus also thanked the site for its friendly customer service, specifically. According to him, Drugstore1st.net’s customer service was great and goes well with its great products.

There were other reviews from Timothy Regus and Maria Bonazzi, who were thankful for the site’s service too. But the problem with their reviews was the fact that they mentioned “Canadianrxstore” instead of “Drugstore1st”, which indicated that their reviews weren’t supposed to be for this site. These reviews were just copied and were really not intended for Drugstore1st.net, which makes the site’s motive for doing so rather dubious.

Drug Store 1st Reviews 2016:

Scamadviser Report on Drug Store 1st
Scamadviser Report on Drug Store 1st

Aside from the copied reviews on the site itself, there were no other reviews pertaining to Drugstore1st from clients who were able to try out its service. There were none from the previous years and the present year. The site’s scam adviser rating was good, though, as it was rated 76% safe, which, compared to the other sites’ ratings, is a good one.

According to the details of the analysis, Drugstore1st.net is a 3-year-old site which is most likely operating from a high-risk country. Like I mentioned earlier, the company isn’t really located in Canada—it only wants its clients to do so. The site is actually detected to be from Russia and it’s nowhere near Canada.

Drugstore1st Coupon Codes:

Coupon Codes for Using on Drugstore1st
Coupon Codes for Using on Drugstore1st

Drugstore1st.net is one of the few sites which actually offer voucher codes to its clients. As for the voucher code offered by Drugstore1st, it has a 5% discount meant for its clients. They only have to enter the code “98212” upon checkout to avail of the promotional offer.

Aside from the 5% coupon, Drugstore1st.net is also giving its clients free pills for a minimum of a 30-pill purchase. Aside from that, Drugstore1st.net waives the Airmail shipping fee for all clients with orders $140 above and also renders the Express shipping free for orders $250 and up.

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