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To select an online pharmacy for the purchase of drugs is very crucial because I need different medications on and off. I want a cheap and authentic source so that I can use it long term.

After opening, I am impressed to see that it has 15 years of experience in this field and it has categorized all information related to purchase and order procedures. Doctorsolve has stated in its about us section that the store was established in 1999 and have earned the trust of above 200,000 customers. Doctor Solve is providing reliable and friendly customer care service with highest quality control. The main category is the prescription medications and all prescriptions are filled by registered pharmacists. It is based in Canada; therefore, it is certified through Canadian International Pharmacy Association.

Doctor Solve is offering US FDA approved prescription drugs, brand, and generic medications. Prescription drugs include Abacavir, Abilify, Abreva, Sectral, Aceon, acetasol and other brand drugs include dietary supplemets, diaper rash ointment, Absorbine, Acc-Check products, Acetoaminophen etc.

Being a price conscious, I have searched for the prices of various drugs and I feel they are not too high for branded medication. The average price of Viagra 100 mg tablet is $10 per pill and the average price of Cialis 20 mg tablet is $15 per pill. The prescription is required for the purchase of both these ED medications.

I like the diversity of its different payment options including personal checks, international money orders, certified checks, American Express and E-checks. It is only shipping its products to Canada, US and Puerto Rico. DoctorSolve is shipping orders either through Canada Post or US Postal service. In both cases, the delivery duration is 2-4 weeks and it costs $ 9.95 per order.

Although Doctor Solve pharmacy is looking like a reliable source, I don’t know how the quality of its products is and what my options in the case of failed shipment will be. Doctor Solve is not offering refund policy due to strict rules regarding returning of medications but it is providing a delivery guarantee.

When I have visited the website, the customer care service center was closed. I can contact through email and telephone numbers both national and international. I have sent a request regarding the US shipment delivery duration and I hope I will be contacted within 24 hours. Contact Us Form Contact Us Form Reviews

Customer reviews or customer feedback is a valuable information about previous client experience that will clarify what other customers are saying about the vendor. I cannot order my medications blindly. Doctor Solve has stated that it is providing the highest quality of products with best safety measures and affordable prices. I want to confirm to which extent this statement is true. I think customer reviews can help me out in finding the truth.

There is a good customer response for Doctor Solve on an independent website Pharmacy Reviewers. The overall rating for is 2 out of 5.

The first review was posted by Sango on November 21, 2013, and he had a bad experience with It was incompetent, provided terrible service and handled by awful people as told by the customer. He stated, “ is completely incompetent. NEVER again”.

Another customer had also negative feedback posted on June 13, 2013. He was charged incorrectly and the e-vendor has not refunded the payment. He said, “slow to respond if there are any issues”.

NitPicker had posted a review on April 23, 2013, and he was the first to give positive feedback and labeled as an excellent service provider. He was happy by having a good quality product at low prices. He said, “I’ve been getting my Cymbalta from Doctor Solve for a year. The pills work fine.” Testimonials Testimonials Reviews 2016

I have witnessed satisfactory previous customer response that is enough to assess service. I will now check what other customers are saying about the provider in 2016 to see if the situation with the current performance has changed for the better.

There is no recent customer review for Doctorsolve, therefore, I am unable to determine its recent popularity among customers.

Scam advisor has reported Doctor Solve as threat listed website whose actual location is hidden. Doctorsolve has a good popularity with 50 % safety. Trust Rating Trust Rating Coupon Codes

Whatever the form of discount is, it is really attractive for all customers because customers can purchase their products at lower rates. I like such sales because affordability is my priority. There was no coupon code found for, so I cannot avail any offer. Other types of discounts offered by are:

  • I can get a discount of $25 if I will refer to my friend and my friend will also receive a discount of $ 25.
  • is offering a discount on few prescription medications


After an extensive research and deep analysis, I can say that is not the best choice provider of pharmaceuticals. Although it is providing FDA approved brand products at reasonable prices and affordable shipment opportunity, is a high-risk website.

I have found a sufficient customer response from previous years but customers have posted more negative reviews than positive proving that does not offer a good service as it has charged more than claimed and has not delivered the product. According to scam advisor report, Doctor Solve actual location is hidden and it is not 100 % safe. Keeping in mind all above-mentioned points, I just concluded that is an unreliable online pharmacy that I cannot select for my medication purchasing. So, I will give 1 out of 5 stars to and will not recommend it.