The news of is spreading like wildfire. As the customers of this web store are surprised on the sudden cessation of its working, the notice present on the website is more of a shock to them. The notice has been published from no one else than the ICE which has blamed for being a part of several crimes such as breaking the copyright act rule and also selling replica drugs to the general public. This is accompanied by the supposed punishments that the company would have to bear in expense to committing the felonies mentioned above. has been Seized by ICE has been Seized by ICE

It is quite obvious that a pharmacy doesn’t get seized all of a sudden like this unless there is someone pushing for it. In this case, the pushing force is provided by the large companies dealing in medicines and making great profits by selling medicines to the public at awfully high rates. The little pharmacies, on the other hand, promote the sales of generic products based in India which are as effective as branded medicines but a lot cheaper. This has raised a tension among the owners of the reputed companies who are now bribing the agencies to take actions against the smaller drug stores. History dealt in medicines related to different fields of medicine, covering a huge part of it. While it would have been convenient to shop from this store because of its extensive drug collection, it I to be remembered that there were a lot of controversies related to the working of it. The biggest dispute faced by this pharmacy was its location as the store claimed that it was based in London but was found to be established in Israel. Additionally, Scamadvisor had found it registered in Sweden. With multiple locations, the real whereabouts of were actually being kept ‘discrete’ from the eyes of the public. The medicines seemed to be cheap and were said to be approved by the Indian FDA. Home Page Home Page

Some reviews made by the customers were available at but were only limited to the official website. The customers seemed happy with the services and the efficacy of drugs in these reviews but there was no guarantee of them being authentic. They could have been forged by the vendor or might have copied it from other sources. Scamadvisor had given it a zero percent trust rating that depicts that was highly unsafe to use. Substitutes

It might be possible that was closed down due to legit reasons. In that case, the store teaches us all a lesson that we must be careful while shopping online in order to avoid getting looted. It also emphasizes the importance of choosing the right store with high levels of authenticity.

To make sure that you don’t have an unpleasant experience while shopping for generic drugs online, we have made a list of some pharmacy stores which are authentic and sell 100 percent original drugs. You can consult the list at our website anytime before choosing a store for shopping.

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