Review – Unreviewed Site with Super Expensive Prices Home Home is virtual pharmacy selling only Erectile Dysfunction meds like Viagra (Pfizer), Cialis (Lilly), and Levitra (Bayer). These three are the only products available on the site. Based on the information on its site, is a “real” pharmacy operated by a real pharmacist with a “real” licensed doctor to approve or reject orders for the ED medications. had an “About Us” page but with no substantial information regarding where the site can be located or when its service began.

The FDA approvals for the famous ED meds are implied. The site sells generics but did not mention where they were sourced from. There was no discussion regarding the clients being required to submit their Rx, but the site mentioned of having a doctor to approve or reject orders. That means clients may order the ED meds from the site without having to provide the written prescriptions for them. The site, however, did not say if the site doctor is the one to prescribe paper Rx for the clients or if the doctor just allows the sale of ED meds for the clients; that bit was unclear.

I have tried checking’s prices for the products and I discovered that the store sells the 100 mg Viagra for $75.38 EACH. And to add to my dismay, the minimum order amount for the product is 10 pieces. My first order with the site would cost me almost a thousand dollars and I think that’s just too expensive for Viagra. Cialis is sold at costly amount too; asks for $76 per pill of the 20 mg type and allows only a minimum order of 10 pills. And as if the exorbitant pricing for the meds wasn’t enough, still charges new clients for a yearly doctor’s fee of $65. That’s just downright rip-off.

I expected the shipping rates to be waived due to the sky-high prices of the meds, but I was mistaken. still charges $13 for USPS, $27 for UPS (2nd day), and $37 for UPS Next-day delivery. These shipping rates are also expensive, by the way. The site could have subsidized them as it already charged exorbitantly for its items. As for the payment, the site only accepts ACH E-checks and is proud to use SSL’s version 2.0 (RC4 with 128-bit encryption), plus Thawte 1024-bit exchange RSA. It’s my first to hear about Thawte, but the site claims that by having Thawte and SSL 2.0, it has a most secure and protected system for transporting client data.

Unfortunately, the site did not have an FAQ or Policies section which should have discussed the actions of the site with regards to lost orders and damaged deliveries. As for a site charging almost a thousand dollars per order, I was expecting more. There should have been more information for clients to chew on.

The contact details for the site were also unavailable; only an email address was disclosed. Clients can only contact the site by emailing this address: [email protected] No other info was disclosed and I found that both disappointing and dubious. Reviews:

Since was a site which charges expensively for its products, I tried looking for client opinions on its service. Apparently, there were no client reviews available for the site. It may be due to its super high prices that clients like me found repulsive. Having no reviews meant no credibility, so there’s a high chance that this site is nothing but a scam site.

Classic Tabs Reviews 2016:

Scamadviser Report on Classic Tabs
Scamadviser Report on Classic Tabs

Although did not have client reviews for the past years and the current, it was still rated 86% by Scam Adviser. Its claims of having high-security systems might be true after all. The site was given a high trust rating and was detected to have almost 14 years of service. The only concerns for the site were that it was found out to have an “unapproved” status and that its owner is using a service to conceal its actual location.

Classictabs Coupon Codes:

A site like which charges expensively should have had coupons or vouchers available for its clients to help them out in paying for the highly-priced products. But the site did not have anything offered for its clients. There was no free shipping or even freebies from the site. The site may be safe to use but there’s not a chance I am ordering from it due to its expensive prices. Like I mentioned earlier, I was expecting more from the site; it did not have essential information in it like contact details or policies for returns and refunds.

Because I find the pricing unfair for the buyers and due to the fact that it’s still untested (unreveiwed), I do not recommend the use of to others. There are well-reviewed sites with great (affordable) prices and those are the ones we should buy our ED meds from, not this rip-off site.

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