Main Main is an online drug store based in the UK that provides a broad range of treatment. They have always strived to meet and exceed expectations of online shoppers. The online store was established in 2001 and claims it is one of the largest digital pharmacies in the UK.

They boast of a reputation of offering a huge choice of prescriptions ranging from weight loss, Ear Care, Eye Care, Oral Care, Vitamins, Beauty, and Dental prescriptions. On the Men’s health section, they do have a variety of pills. But of particular interest to me is Viagra which is vending at $29.76, for a 50mg pill while Branded Cialis goes for $ 44.63 per pill. The reason why the tablets appear to be expensive is that they are all branded drugs. states that for me to place an order with them I have to create an account in their portal, this is in line with Responsible Pharmacy Act of 2008.

The shipping cost is indicated nowhere on the site, but the store has a very detailed refund policy. To qualify for their refunds policy, all Items must be in a re-saleable condition. If a single item is bought as part of a multi-buy discount, I can be reimbursed the full price of the item less any concession given in the offer. If I return all the items purchased with the multi-buy offer discount, I will be refunded with the full value. does not indicate whether they deal with FDA products, but they do state that it is a subsidiary of Innox Trading Ltd, and it is operated by licensed pharmacists from registered premises in Lancashire.

The payment methods are not indicated. But perusing through the site, I saw a Master Card and Visa Logo which is an indication that they do accept them as a form of payment.

Accepted Payment Methods on

Accepted Payment Methods on

However, to be sure of this, I seek to clarify from the Customer Care through the live chat. I request the assistance on the payment methods that they accept, and they were snappy in their replies. The representative said that they accept PayPal and Amazon Pay. This is kind of a snag for me since I prefer using a Credit Card for my online payment.

Customer Service Message Window on

Customer Service Message Window on

Chemist 4 U Reviews: has an average rating of 4.78 and is seems like an excellent store. Considering these reviews are from independent reviews site, I think I might have found myself a suitor.

For example:

Ray from London on 28/12/15 thanked the site for promptly sending the order for him though feels that he was shortchanged as one product was not delivered as promised.

Catherine from Kentucky posted on 26/12/15 has been a customer with the site, but due to the rebranding of the site, she seems pessimistic about the drug store.

Another client who never indicated their name said that should consider widening a number of drugs one can order to save customers the huge shipping costs.

Chemist 4 U Reviews

Chemist 4 U Reviews

On Nicholas complained that his voucher couldn’t work, though, the site kept saying it worked.

Virginian had the same issue, but his problem was sorted by

Chemist 4 U Reviews

Chemist 4 U Reviews Reviews 2016:

An anonymous client posted on 14/11/2016 noting that the prices on are quite low and the services are excellent.

Another customer from London on 14/11/2016 said that their system had some issues as he could not trace his order and the goods arrived 2 days late.

Marlene registered her concern as she said that she would consider another store since the site does not give prior warnings to their customers. Reviews 2016 Reviews 2016

It’s been a while since I saw giving such a stupendous clean bill of health. is spotless in terms of excellent services which has triggered many other independent reviews sites to recognize their efforts. I mean scores a high trusting rate. This goes to prove that some authentic people are operating bona fide online stores. Trust Rating by Scamadviser Trust Rating by Scamadviser

Chemist-4-u Coupon Codes:

Since the authenticity of has been established, I can candidly say that it’s of interest to me to note the mark downs the site is offering. I mean who doesn’t like discounts?

The store offers free delivery on orders exceeding $31.04 which is quite an excellent thing to me.

Free Airmail Delivery for All Orders Above $31.04 Chemist-4-u

Free Airmail Delivery for All Orders Above $31.04 Chemist-4-u

Conclusion: proudly showcases positive reviews from, 5-star rating from, and a high-trust  rate from What else would I be looking for? This compounded by a snappy customer care that responds to all queries from their clients and an excellent lineup of products and prices. This is definitely a store to reckon with. is all that a customer would want. For this reason, the site is worth my approval and I would at all times recommend it. I would urge people to figuratively bash down the digital doors of this place. I would give a rating of 5 out of 5 for and to start with, I will be purchasing ED from the store since my “bishop” seems to be getting lazy of late. Stay tuned to my facebook page as I will be posting my prescription for you guys to see once it arrives from the store and who knows what my thigh power will be able to do?

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