Canadian Pharmacy websites are extremely popular on the web, as most online drugstores are named “Canadian Pharmacy” for some reason. You may be wondering why you have recurrently seen websites with similar names but have different domain names. Websites with the same names and templates belong to a pharmacy network—a pharmacy network is a collection of similar pharmacies which operate under one company.

Stores identified under a single pharmacy network usually have the same store names and only differ in their web addresses or domain names. Websites classified into one pharmacy network work as a single unit—they all gather sales and traffic and endorse the consumers to one main processing unit. This seems effective for some pharmacy networks, although most websites belonging to the pharmacy networks are being hunted and shut down one by one by the government—but that does not deter the companies from creating new affiliate websites.

Canadian Pharmacy Reviews

Although Canadian Pharmacy networks are pretty abundant on the web, it is often difficult finding consumer reviews for the pharmacy network due to the vagueness of the search term “Canadian Pharmacy” when used. However, I tried other strategies such as searching Canadian Pharmacy websites on the database of CIPA Rx, one of the Canada associations for web pharmacies.

Canadian Pharmacy Doesn't Appear in the CIPA Member Database

Canadian Pharmacy Doesn’t Appear in the CIPA Member Database

I tried searching one Canadian Pharmacy website on CIPA’s database, and unfortunately, the result was not good. Apparently, Canadian Pharmacy sites are not members of CIPA Rx, unlike other validly operating Canadian drugstores.

Canadian Pharmacy Feedback

Canadian Pharmacy Feedback

I came across one complaint for Canadian Pharmacy from a user named “Mark”, whose review was posted on on April 2017. According to his review, he was charged by the Canadian Pharmacy store for a product which was out of stock. He hasn’t been refunded for the order yet.

Canadian Pharmacy Legit Script Report

Canadian Pharmacy Legit Script Report

I also tried searching Legit Script’s database for its records of Canadian Pharmacy websites. One of the sites bearing the Canadian Pharmacy name,, was rated a “ROGUE” internet pharmacy website by Scam Adviser. According to the platform, the website is an unapproved website and is in overt violation of the laws concerning proper web pharmacy practice. Also, Legit Script noted that the store had no reviews for its service during the past years.

Canadian Pharmacy Online

Although there is a glut of Canadian Pharmacy websites online, only some of them are still functional. Not all of these websites are still functional and some are quite elusive and have already changed their templates. I only found two websites for the Canadian Pharmacy network, and they are and (Canadian Pharmacy) Home Page (Canadian Pharmacy) Home Page is one of internet pharmacies affiliated with the Canadian Pharmacy network. According to the information on the website, the internet pharmacy was incepted in 2001 and is using the license of the company Canadian Pharmacy Ltd.

The store has a wide range of products available for its consumers, although the store has the erectile dysfunction medications and several common products as its best-sellers. Besides the impotence treatments, this shop also has meds for weight loss, hair loss, pain management, birth control, asthma, diabetes, and various medical conditions. (Canadian Pharmacy) Home Page (Canadian Pharmacy) Home Page

The other online pharmacy named as Canadian Pharmacy is, and as you can see, the store also looks identical to the other website. All the contents of both pharmacies are similar—the product offerings, the best sellers, the policies—virtually everything. also declared that it was incepted in 2001 and also operating using the license of the company Canadian Pharmacy Ltd.

Since pharmacy network websites look the same, they are a glaring target for scammers and nefarious operators alike. Some scammers copy the template of the pharmacy network websites and create a way to steal their traffic. This means that even if the websites belonging to the pharmacy network are legitimate, consumers are in danger of running to the fake or clone sites created by scammers.

Canadian Pharmacy Coupon Codes

Canadian Pharmacy stores did not have coupon codes on their websites—even free shipping offers and free pills were not given by the pharmacy network to their consumers.

Canadian Pharmacy Viarga Discounts

Canadian Pharmacy Viarga Discounts

However, like the other online pharmacies, Canadian Pharmacy network websites offered decreasing prices for their products, as the buyer purchases got larger. Although there was no formal discount offer for the consumers, you can see from the image above that the store offered increasing savings for consumers who are able to purchase in bulk.

Canadian Pharmacy Numbers

The stores having the Canadian Pharmacy name all gave out their phone numbers. The mobile numbers were posted on the stores and here are the numbers visible in the shop:



It is seldom that online drugstores offer their contact details to their clients, as most of the drugstores offer the contact page instead.

Numbers posted on both and are also visibly the same, so it is apparent that these two sites lead to one main processing unit, which is common amongst online pharmacy networks.

Canadian Pharmacy Spam

When I searched “Canadian Pharmacy spam” on the web, the results were mostly irrelevant for some reason. That’s why I searched Canadian Pharmacy websites on NABP’s list of “not recommended sites” instead:

Canadian Pharmacy in NABP’s List of “Not Recommended” Websites

Canadian Pharmacy in NABP’s List of “Not Recommended” Websites

The NABP’s not recommended site list included a lot of “Canadian Pharmacy” named websites. The image above only shows the half of the sites listed under the name “Canadian Pharmacy” and all were deemed as not recommended sites due to their high-risk of fraud and other concerns.

Canadian Pharmacy Testimonial

Canadian Pharmacy Testimonial

Also, I found another complaint from “Michael”, whose review was posted on on May 2017. Michael related how bothered he was concerning the phone calls from Canadian Pharmacy since he ordered from the pharmacy. According to him, it was already 10 years since his order and he still gets occasional calls from the store.


Canadian Pharmacy websites are included in NABP’s not recommended websites list and also had negative remarks from Legit Script, CIPA Rx, and also bad comments from its former clients. Because of the bad feedback for the websites linked to the Canadian Pharmacy network, I think that it’s not advisable transacting with this company. I am rating Canadian Pharmacy only 1 out of 5.

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