My Canadian Pharmacy is another example of a network of online pharmacies operating under one management. Usually, these network of pharmacies have identical websites, but in the case of My Canadian Pharmacy network, its sites do not look the same. However, they all share the same store name and also have the same contents (products, prices, and online policies).

Why do companies make identical websites? It appears that having multiple websites aids well with traffic diversion and the online marketing strategy called “lead generation”. Apparently, creating more mirror sites can help catch more consumers, which can equate to possibly more sales for the company.

However, although a good number of online pharmacies involved in pharmacy networks are genuine and trustworthy, some websites are copied by scammers and used as traps to steal buyers from the real online drugstores. The consumers, however, can’t tell the difference—they’ll just know after the clone scammer website already took their money.

My Canadian Pharmacy Reviews

There are several online websites carrying the name “My Canadian Pharmacy” still currently functional. In order to determine if they are reliable, I tried searching the web for references to any “My Canadian Pharmacy” named store. I was fortunate to spot some reviews for the platform; however, it was unfortunate that the consumer testimonials for the My Canadian Pharmacy sites were all negative about its service.

My Canadian Pharmacy Customer Experience

My Canadian Pharmacy Customer Experience

Take this review from Pissed Consumer, for instance—the buyer complained about getting calls 4 times a day, with the staff coercing the consumer to place an order on the My Canadian Pharmacy website. The staff even mentioned obtaining prescriptions from Indian doctors to allow the buyer to order prescription meds even without prescriptions, which was actually illegal until now.

My Canadian Pharmacy Customer Rating

My Canadian Pharmacy Customer Rating

The overall rating for My Canadian Pharmacy on the same platform was 1/5 for its staff, 2/5 for its website, and 1/5 for its customer service.

My Canadian Pharmacy Doesn't Appear in the CIPA Member Database

My Canadian Pharmacy Doesn’t Appear in the CIPA Member Database

I also searched if My Canadian Pharmacy was a CIPA Rx member—it wasn’t. The web pharmacy network was actually not included in the CIPA member database.

My Canadian Pharmacy Online

I was able to find four websites having the store name My Canadian Pharmacy. It is noticeable that the websites named “My Canadian Pharmacy” do not look identical with each other, although their contents are similar. Here are the screenshots of these websites: (My Canadian Pharmacy) Home Page (My Canadian Pharmacy) Home Page

One of the My Canadian Pharmacy stores is, a “Canadian” pharmacy which sells mostly generic products. It is apparent that the store marketed its erectile dysfunction products more than the others, though. (My Canadian Pharmacy) Home Page (My Canadian Pharmacy) Home Page

The next online pharmacy with the name My Canadian Pharmacy is In this shop’s case, the store name slightly mismatches with its website name, unlike the first web pharmacy with the same My Canadian Pharmacy name on its domain. The shop also marketed its impotence products more than the others, and even listed the items on the top of its product list. Meds such as Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra are heavily marketed on this website as well. (My Canadian Pharmacy) Home Page (My Canadian Pharmacy) Home Page

Another website bearing the name “My Canadian Pharmacy” is, which had the network pharmacy name on its domain name and only varied from by its hyphen and extension (.com as opposed to .net). Again, the main products of this online pharmacy were the erectile dysfunction treatments, which involved the iconic PDE5 inhibitor trio (Viagra, Cialis, and Levitra). (My Canadian Pharmacy) Home Page (My Canadian Pharmacy) Home Page

The last active online pharmacy with the name My Canadian Pharmacy is the shop, which also had mostly products for erectile dysfunction. This store also had a different façade than the other websites; surprisingly, though, it has the same content as the others.

All of these online drugstores had the same prices for the featured products on the store—all four websites, despite the differences in appearance, all sold generic Viagra for as low as $0.77 per pill, Cialis for as low as $1.43, and erectile dysfunction packs for as low as $74.95. The contents of the shops were the same as well—the policies, the about us, and other information.

My Canadian Pharmacy Coupon Codes

Coupons were not available on the My Canadian Pharmacy websites, but one of the websites offered deals for the consumers.

My Canadian Pharmacy Discount Offers

My Canadian Pharmacy Discount Offers

My Canadian Pharmacy ( offered 4 free pills on all orders, free shipping (airmail) from orders $150 and above (courier shipping is free for orders above $300), and also offered free insurance for orders more than $200.

My Canadian Pharmacy 10% Discount

My Canadian Pharmacy 10% Discount

The other website (, though, offered 10% off on all products available on its store, but this discount offer was rather unclear, as the shop did not offer any discussion for this deal.

My Canadian Pharmacy Numbers

My Canadian Pharmacy websites offered uniform numbers to their consumers, although not all of them aired the phone numbers publicly on their websites. Here are the phone numbers for My Canadian Pharmacy stores:



One of the web pharmacies also offered addresses for consumers to refer to. The addresses were from Canada and India:

Main Office:

My Canadian Pharmacy Corp.

675 Cochrane Dr,

Markham, ON,

L3R 0A3, Canada

ICS International Certified Stocks:

My Canadian Pharmacy Corp.

101 — 104, GCP Business Centre,

Opp. Memnagar Fire Station, Vijay Cross Road,

Memnagar, Ahmedabad,

380014, India

International Orders:

My Canadian Pharmacy Int.

120 Eglinton Ave E,

Toronto, ON,

M4P 1E2, Canada

My Canadian Pharmacy Spam

Complaints for the My Canadian Pharmacy were available on the web and they were mostly from pestered consumers:

According to one client who posted his review for My Canadian Pharmacy, one of the pharmacies was able to secure his number and pestered him “to death” for his information. The buyer said that it had been 8 years since he last ordered from the store, but the My Canadian Pharmacy shop he ordered from never stopped calling and continuously changed area codes so that they are not found out.

Other customers complained about harassment from My Canadian Pharmacy websites, constant spam emails, and even identity theft.


My Canadian Pharmacy is another pharmacy network; in this network’s case, though, the four active websites all looked differently than the other. The stores had one name, “My Canadian Pharmacy”, but all of them had different templates. At first glance, I would have dismissed the stores as different shops, but looking closely, I discovered that they had the same contents—even the same prices for their medications.

The My Canadian Pharmacy network had complaints from its previous clients, and most of them attested to being endlessly pestered by calls from the network. There were no good reviews available for any of the My Canadian Pharmacy websites, which indicates an overall lack of reliability. My Canadian Pharmacy can only be rated 1 out of 5.