Main Page Main Page praised itself for being the “Source of Generic Prescription Drugs” and for having had in its inventory some of the most popular branded drugs. The start of operations was a mystery but I had assumed that it was near 2013 since they possessed a copyright 2013 symbol on the web page. Board-Of-Pharmacy location was unknown as the information was not very forthcoming.

Board-Of-Pharmacy main assortments were what I termed “Generic Everything’s”. These included drugs like Celebrex, Flomax, Liptop and Prevacid. I was unable to identify any erectile dysfunction drugs on their website. However their supplier, an Indian Pharmacy was licensed by the Indian FDA.

Like many online operations, the shop of Board-Of-Pharmacy accepted Visa and Mastercard. Surprisingly, they also accepted payments by check which was strange considering that there was no listed mailing address. They claimed to be shipping orders globally since 2005, so maybe I was wrong about the 2013 inference. There was a flat rate of $10.99 for shipping. Orders were dispatched within 48 hours and shipping via postal services took 10-12 business days and up to a maximum of 21 days.

Board of Pharmacy call center operated for 12 hours per day; Monday to Friday 7am to 7pm and 8am to 3pm on Saturdays CST. The number was toll-free for some territories. They did not accept returns but guaranteed 100% money back. In order to access this though, you had to have spoken to a customer care executive. Reviews

It is a strange phenomenon for a business to not have a viable web presence or reviews on its website. Would you have risked your money with Board of Pharmacy? A company that has been shipping since 2005 needed to have reviews. How did customers assess their credibility? How did they make choices?

If no reviews are available, no unbiased analysis of the seller’s reputation could be performed. Could it have been that no one bought from Board-Of-Pharmacy? Another observation made was that there were no social media icons on Board-Of-Pharmacy website.

We live in the time when people are not afraid of sharing their service experiences on any platform that is made available. Customers have a great tool to reach the sellers. If they were not satisfied they let everyone know about it. It is just strange to me that Board-Of-Pharmacy store did not even consider collecting and publishing reviews on their own website.

I would not buy items from a pharmacy I am not able to get information about. I would have been up at night worrying and wondering if my order would ever arrive. The lack of reviews was a deal breaker for me. Reviews 2016

Shown below, the results generated from scam adviser for Website is Not Active Website is Not Active

Scam Adviser advised that Board-Of-Pharmacy was not active. We did not find out why it was removed. Even if the e-vendor claimed to be in operation since 2005, yet there were no reviews to prove their existence or seals to legitimize them as an organization trading prescription medications on the internet. Coupon Codes

I was disappointed when I learned that Board-Of-Pharmacy did not offer coupons and had no current promotions. I was also curious wondering how Board-Of-Pharmacy was able to compete in the online pharmacy market without incentives. I took it upon myself and searched for similar websites and found that they had incentives like free shipping, free pills, promo codes for percentages off, referral discounts and even free overnight shipping.

I am not sure why Board-Of-Pharmacy is off the internet right now, I can only for sure tell that the e-pharmacy was not terminated by the officials. People possibly stopped shopping when they realized that there were better deals available elsewhere; possibly in the FDA-approved e-pharmacies too.

Maybe, Board-Of-Pharmacy could not afford to give discounts but not even free pills; a few bonus pills? Maybe, consumers were too demanding. I can be very demanding when it comes to shopping because I always look for deals and the best options. Honesty, I would not have purchased from this pharmacy because they gave me no incentive to do so. None, not even one.


I could not decide if operations were fraudulent because there was not enough evidence to award the vendor a scam label. I believed that a scam pharmacy may have offered a lot of unreal and unreasonable discounts; Board-Of-Pharmacy offered none.

However, what put me off was their lack of disclosure; I had to assume Board-Of-Pharmacy start of operation, I had no idea of their location and I could not view their prices. Despite not disclosing their location, they still accepted checks. How did this work? As much as I understand checks are sent by mail. A lot of companies do not accept personal checks because of the processing time and the surprise of “not sufficient funds”.

I rated with 2 stars. I cannot assume that they were fraudulent, although they seemed shady. What I did do was give advice to people on how to protect themselves from online scams. It is important to do research and if the deal looked too good then it is likely a scam. Also, an important thing to do is search for customer reviews from independent sites.

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