Avonpharmacy.co.uk Review – Yet to Prove to Be Reliable Online Pharmacy

Home Page of Avonpharmacy.co.uk
Home Page of Avonpharmacy.co.uk

Avonpharmacy.co.uk is an online extension of the actual Avon Pharmacy located in the United Kingdom. It deals with NHS (UK) prescription and private prescription meds and has been serving its clients since 2001. According to the info, it has also acquired the assets of Stratford Pharmacy Ltd in 2001 as well.

There’s not much information regarding Avonpharmacy.co.uk’s products, though. No discussions regarding approvals from drug regulating companies were mentioned on the site, but since the site is an online branch of a legally operating, physical pharmacy, the meds sold by the site are surely approved by the FDA or any drug-regulating commission for sale and use.

Avonpharmacy.co.uk requires clients to submit prescriptions for their orders. It caters to clients with NHS and private prescriptions, but also allows clients to order without prescriptions via availing its online consultation service. Patients can get their prescriptions online by using the site’s online consultation service and the service takes no time at all to use.

Since Avonpharmacy.co.uk is connected with a physical pharmacy, clients may be able to order almost all of the drugs here online, as long as the local pharmacy has them. As I browsed the available meds, I discovered that Avonpharmacy.co.uk lists both generic and prescription meds for ED. The prices for the meds varies; clients with prescriptions can buy the meds for less, while clients without prescriptions have to pay more for the same products as the site includes the private consultation fee on the meds prices. For instance, Cialis (Lilly) is sold at $71 for 4 pills (20 mg) to clients who will avail of the online prescription service, but Avonpharmacy.co.uk charges only $40 for the same 4 pills for clients having their own prescriptions. That’s a $30 difference between the product prices.

Payment accepted by Avonpharmacy.co.uk is via Visa cards only. Shipping costs $2.50-$7.50 depending on the weight. For faster shipping, clients are requested to contact support for more information, as the express service has yet to be discussed privately. Returns are allowed provided that the package remains unopened by the clients. As for the other concerns, however, Avonpharmacy.co.uk wasn’t able to discuss its actions. There were no mentions for replacement or reimbursement of payments for lost orders or those damaged during transit.

Avonpharmacy.co.uk has a number of contact details available which clients may use to reach the site’s support team:

Email: [email protected]

Helpline: 01789 200920

Avonpharmacy.co.uk Reviews:

Avonpharmacy.co.uk Reviews
Avonpharmacy.co.uk Reviews

A number of client testimonials were found on the site and they were from buyers who were satisfied with the site’s service.

DD Stratford was a regular customer of the pharmacy and he found it both helpful and reliable. ZH also thanked Avonpharmacy.co.uk for being helpful with his orders. Avonpharmacy.co.uk also listed this review from Wonderlust Travel Magazine stating that the shop is the cheapest and the safest place to buy meds online.

All the reviews I saw were reflective of the site’s good client service, reliability, and good pricing. But these testimonials are not 100% reliable, as they were only found on the site itself and not from more reliable sources like third-party sites (review sites). Since there were no actual customer reviews from sources other than the site itself, these reviews might have been altered or manipulated. It’s not that they are not true, but I am saying that these reviews may not be entirely reliable.

Avonpharmacy Reviews 2016:

Avonpharmacy Trust Rating by Scamadviser
Avonpharmacy Trust Rating by Scamadviser

Present reviews for Avonpharmacy.co.uk (2016) were also unavailable, so I went on to check Avonpharmacy.co.uk’s status on Scamadviser.com. The result was impressive, as Avonpharmacy.co.uk was given a 100% Trust rating and was marked safe. This rating is rare and for a site to be given 100% for the safety rating meant that the site is indeed secure and safe to order from.

Avon Pharmacy Coupon Codes:

It is common to sites online stores (pharmacies) to offer promotions for their clients, but Avonpharmacy.co.uk was unable to have even a single promo for clients to enjoy. There were no coupon codes, freebies, and free shipping available for the clients; not even referral discounts or old client discounts.

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