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It is a very common thing to see that an internet pharmacy has been taken down these days, due to one reason or the other. It is then a refreshing thing to see that is still on the web, and look quite operational too. From the look of things, this may be an online drugstore where the customers could come to get their pills anonymously and cheaper too. Getting onto the main page of the pharmacy, it was stated in an About page that Access RX has been online as a pharmacy since the year 1998. That is close to two decades in this business, and they have been in the United States all of that time.

One of the things that I like the most about the website is their prescription policy which states that prescription medications cannot be obtained without a leaflet from the buyer’s doctor. I made sure to look at the category list, and I could decipher that they did offer a good variety of medicine. Not so wide, but just enough to satisfy a wide variety of customers. Likewise, I noticed that Access-Rx might not really be in the business of generics. With the promise of medicine coming from US pharmacies and an FDA approval on everything sold, the pricing confirmed to me that they were a seller of just brand goods.

The 20mg option of Cialis is being sold for a price off $86 per pill, a little higher than the $79 tag which is attached to every 100mg Viagra solution. The latter’s price is the same thing a 20mg pill of Levitra can also be sold for. Honestly, I find these price tags too expensive and no different than the local drugstore prices – I think buyers are better off purchasing at their local pharmacies than purchasing from Access Rx.

Should a customer decide to buy from here, they would be required to pay with their credit cards, or via the use of eChecks. VISA and MasterCard look to be the only accepted card types on the e-store.

There are various modes of shipping supported by the internet pharmacy, but there isn’t express information on all of these methods. The first one a customer could go for is the Express Mail Shipping service, and there is support for PO Box and FedEx claiming services too. Again, a buyer could choose to get their own package via an extra fast priority mechanism. For any shipping method gone for, the customer would be charged the required price at the point of checkout.

Customer care agents can be reached at the toll-free numbers, email contact support form or by use of the live chat window. While the orders can be canceled within a period of 24 hours after they have been made, such orders cannot be returned to the store after they have left. Those that got the wrong order, damaged goods or nothing at all would be entitled to a reshipment of the same order at no additional costs, or a full refund of the initial order amount. Reviews

Pharmacies Reviews contains a page that is dedicated to user comments on, and there is an overflow of five stars there. Thomas Aldsworth is ‘wonderfully surprised’ with the e-store’s service. He lauded the fact that ‘customer service answered my questions and was patient when I showed my concerns.’ The same thing goes for Joseph. At first, he praised the ‘easy to use’ website for being ‘able to order online within a few minutes.’ Faster filling the needed details, his package got to him in just two days. Testimonials Testimonials

Last on the list of commenters I considered is an Aaron Ash that claims the e-store ‘has been providing me with my prescription medication for years.’ According to him, they were the best solution when one wanted the ‘real medication without the hassle of having to go to your doctor.’ Reviews 2017

Recent reviews of this e-pharmacy did not really show much difference from the great user comments that they have been racking up so far. From, Jesse would rate that the ‘representatives are polite and professional in demeanor,’ while Charles is most happy with the ‘good service and good product.’ Feedback Feedback

A Larry Dunlao had no issues with the services advertised, but is unhappy that he ‘did not get the splitter advertised.’ Also, despite the store being popular with the consumers, some buyers had slight complaints about the shop, like for instance, its high prices for the medications and its sometimes delayed shipping. Coupon Codes

For an internet drugstore that sells brand medicine, with the kind of high prices that comes with these, it is just normal that they have some coupon codes and discount offers to help the client save a little. One of the discount offers that I saw was the one which allows the user save on large volumes of pills. Discount Offer Discount Offer

The deal works like a progressive saving offer, so the number of pills bought determines just how much the buyer could save.

Besides this offer, there are no coupon codes or free shipping available at Access Rx. The only thing free is the pill splitter – something you can easily find at your local pharmacy.


The shop Access Rx had good reviews for its service and even had external comments from buyers at third-party websites. However, despite this, I still have reservations for the store since it is unlike the shops belonging to our list of Top Online Pharmacies in terms of price – the shop’s products are notoriously expensive. I can give it a score of 3 out of 5, but leave you the choice of purchasing from the store or not since its meds are just as steeply priced as the ones at local drugstores.

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