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I came across with another seized website today—Your Best Pharmacy. When I visited the shop’s domain,, I only saw a government message stating that the owners of the store are charged for their violations related to counterfeit medications distribution and intentional copyright infringement. The government notice did not say specifically what brands did sue Your Best Pharmacy but based on the domain seizure, we can deduce that the store did have issues with big pharmaceutical companies.

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I went in search of the domain where used to be located and could not find the online drugstore anymore. What I did find, however, was a placeholder text in Spanish where the internet drugstore used to be in the past. From what I could dig on the internet about the e-store, XL Pharmacy has been online since the year 2004 and was in the business up till the year 2010 when the domain was left to expire. Since then, no one has made the move to resurrect the business, giving the impression that the owners have decided to call it quits. Afterall, seven years is a long time to not have brought the business back. As for the location, this e-pharmacy looked to be one based and operated in the US.

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There was a time when looking up a domain such as would yield results of a virtual pharmacy that sells its pills to people online, but now, that is not the case anymore. Where the website used to be is now a banner which carries notice of domain seizure by the ICE. The owners of the e-store have been charged on the count of copyright infringement, and could face anywhere a solid ten years in a federal jail. Likewise, the same operators are liable to pay fines reaching $2 million.

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It was in my search for those internet drugstores that would give one the best value for money that I stumbled upon the business that is being operated at This is an internet drugstore that sells its wares at very affordable prices to those who are seeking to get them online. Likewise, they guarantee that the buyer is anonymous with the products that they have ordered. From the information on the website, it was not hard to decide that they have been in the business since the year 1998, and have been operating out of the United States. Of a truth, close to two decades in the business is not child’s play.

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I have come across a lot of niche pharmacies in my quest for great pharmacies which would offer their wares at amazing prices, but still seems to stand out. I have come across those that choose a particular brand of pills to sell, and it is not every day you find one that sells pet medicines as the only thing on the category stock. That is what makes this one special. However, it has been a while now since the website of this e-store has been accessible by anyone.

AUTHOR RATEUSERS RATE (0) Review – Online Pharmacy Guilty of Identity and Card Fraud belongs to the league of internet establishments that served as an online pharmacy. Not only that, but this was one which promised to sell its wares at much lower prices than the customer would have obtained the same pills for in their local pharmacies or other big pharmaceutical companies. It must then have .com as a surprise to a lot of users when they find out that the e-store has changed the domain name with which it was associated on the internet. Taking a quick look at where the domain used to be, there is no information to suggest just why they took a decision to call it quits on the other domain where the seller was residing.

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For those that knew when they were still on the internet, the e-store is one where the users could get their pills and refill their orders on the internet, and at lower prices too. However, a quick lookup of the domain right now would yield a page that suggests this e-pharmacy has been taken down. Not just taken down, but seized by appropriate authorities on the count of breaking copyright laws. For that, the owners could face time of up to 10 years in a prison, while they could be made to pay anywhere between $250,000 to $2 million in fines.

AUTHOR RATEUSERS RATE (0) Review – Untrustworthy E-store Taken off the Internet is one of those e-stores which used to sell pills on the internet. I went in search of this drugstore now in a bid to see just what they offered there and if I would be interested in buying from them, but it is sad that they have now taken the franchise off the internet. There is not even a single reason as to the reason for this takedown. It almost looks like the owner of the e-pharmacy just woke up one day and decided to call it quits.

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I visited and I found out that it has been in existence since late 2003 and was last active in 2016. It seems to be India-based. TristateMeds was an online pharmacy that provided an online ordering system that routes prescription drug orders to affiliated licensed pharmacies. The store sold only generic medications at very cheap prices. It sold products that range from skincare and beauty to weight loss, hair loss, antibiotics, antidepressants, men’s health and women’s health. The average cost of generic Viagra was about $2.66 per pill. Payments for products could be made via Visa Cards, MasterCard, e-check, and eBillme.

AUTHOR RATEUSERS RATE (0) Review – Internet Pharmacy with Fake User Reviews

I am still in the business of looking for some great online pharmacies where I can get my supply of medicine at great prices, and the one I stumbled upon this time around was The first thing I noticed when I went to look for the internet drugstore is the fact that they still exist on the internet, but they have changed their domain name to something else. While that is true, this e-store was one which carried the Trusted Tablets tag on it when it was still in business under the former name. For those who have been following, that tag is usually associated with a pharmacy that’s below par.

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