AUTHOR RATEUSERS RATE (0) Review – Russian Clone Site Offering Cheap Generics of Dubious Quality

My research so far has helped me determine that you probably shouldn’t believe everything you see online, especially when it comes to online pharmacies. Many of them go to elaborate lengths to give an impression of a genuine online pharmacy working in countries like the USA, Canada or France, just like does. My evaluation helped me determine that is most probably a fake one hailing from the Russian Federation, where many of the fake pharmacies operating from., like others, also features made-up testimonials from customers, which have been found as it is on other clones of this pharmacy. And I am sure that the products are low-quality generics, something I won’t want to buy no matter how low the price is. Thus, is a fake online pharmacy that deserves to be rated 1 (poor). Buying meds of dubious quality from is a disservice to your health.

AUTHOR RATEUSERS RATE (0) Review – Genuine E-Pharmacy from Pakistan deserves a rating of 3 out of 5. is very transparent and discloses its location upfront rather than beating about the bush and Scam Advisor also confirms its real location. However, the generics found here unknown and somewhat limited in terms of variety. Many generic products carry the disclaimer that they are not approved by FDA. The communication is very quick and reassuring. The shipment rates are reasonable too for international orders but also gives a disclaimer that taxes of destination country may get included. There are verified customer reviews but all seem to be from local buyers and not international ones. Overall, maybe a good source for local buyers of that country but may not be a very good international source for ED meds. That is my only concern with

AUTHOR RATEUSERS RATE (0) Review – Fake Canadian Online Pharmacy

Fraud and scam in the name of so-called online ‘Canadian pharmacies’ selling cheaper generics of costly brands are very common, and one has to be careful when purchasing from such pharmacies. is an example of such a site. It is impersonating a Canadian pharmacy when it, maybe, from the USA or even a high-risk country like Pakistan. I have found fake testimonials on other pharmacy sites. In the absence of any independent positive reviews of users, buying meds from is mere foolishness. is a fraudulent site in reality and deserves a low rating of 1 (poor). Don’t buy into the impression and promises of these fake Canadian online pharmacies; otherwise, you may end up harming your health.

AUTHOR RATEUSERS RATE (0) Review – Pricy Rouge Pharmacy to Avoid!

Online pharmacies and generic meds’ popularity have brought about innumerable online pharmacies to the fore. Very few turn out to be good, some are ok; meanwhile, the majority are downright rouge or scam. is a rogue pharmacy. My research revealed that Zee Pharmacy does not have ED meds, its prime focus is Birth Control meds, specifically abortion-related meds. The shipment method is singular as opposed to the impression of having 3 options to choose from, and delivery through the EMS is very expensive. There are customer reviews anywhere else on the web which would help us establish the legitimacy of this pharmacy or its potential as a good source for meds other than ED. It is more likely to be from India, a fact that it tries to conceal, but the awkward language construction gives it away. The rating? 1 (poor). The verdict? I have no reason whatsoever to buy from or to recommend it to you, guys!

AUTHOR RATEUSERS RATE (0) Review – Unverified Canadian Pharmacy Escrow Service

The Canadian health system has its popularity in the belief that health care and medicines’ costs are regulated by the Canadian government. Based on this popular perception, lots of online pharmacy sites claiming to be Canadian are found, yet very few of them happen to be genuine. While seems to be a genuine escrow service shipping generic and brand meds from Canada, but it lacks substantial proof in the form of customer endorsements and verification of its real location (which is claimed to be in the US). claims to enable users to save as much as 90% on their prescriptions, it should be ideally brimming with customers. However, this claim doesn’t seem to be substantiated by the few visitors to this site. No wonder, it has been branded as an unapproved pharmacy. In the absence of this kind of substantial proof, this service can be given a rating of 1 (poor), as it has an unverified and undetermined reputation.

AUTHOR RATEUSERS RATE (0) Review – A Poorly Laid Out and Expensive Online Pharmacy!

It’s true that online pharmacies have given consumers a variety of alternatives, buying ease as well as cost effectiveness. Yet, their practices aren’t always transparent; for instance, selling prescriptive meds without asking for prescriptions. Though asks customers to fill an online ‘health conditions related’ form in lieu of submitting a prescription, it’s not enough. That’s why Legit Script considers to be a rogue pharmacy. Since the prices of the medicines are almost as high as meds found in brick and mortar pharmacy, and the addition of shipment and handling costs to the order makes them even higher, then there isn’t any obvious advantage in buying from Overall, Medameds is a poorly laid out and somewhat expensive source for brand ED meds, hence it deserves a rating of 2.

AUTHOR RATEUSERS RATE (0) Review – Not Safe to Buy Anything from Here!

Shopping for meds online is risky if you are buying from a less than legitimate source such as rogue pharmacy like Eurobolic, which calls itself a pharmacy specializing in sales of hormones. Not only has spin-offs in form of other sites but no user reviews exist for its services/products on authentic pharmacy reviewing sources. is based in Ukraine, which is one of those countries where internet fraudulent sites are common. So, can’t be rated anything higher than 1 (poor), as it is a poor version of a safe hormone pharmacy.

AUTHOR RATEUSERS RATE (0) Review – Using This E-Pharmacy Poses Some Risks! claims to offer great prompt delivery of the medications at the affordable rates, but at the risk of being scammed. is not trustworthy and doesn’t offer transparency to its customers. All it can offer is made up customer reviews to make you trust it. Moreover, the report of the Scamadvisor also highlighted the fact that is a high-risk e-shop that can be involved in some fraud practices or illegal operations. So, it is better to avoid such companies rather than to take a risk with your health and your life. In this regards, would get a poor rating of 1 out of 5.

AUTHOR RATEUSERS RATE (0) Review – Dependable E-Pharmacy Service seems to have negatives as well as positives: For instance, there are very few ED meds available at this pharmacy, but at least there are brands as well as generics. It isn’t clear as to what the origins of generic meds are and whether they carry FDA approval or not. Then, the ways to pay for your meds are also limited. However, one very big positive plus that has, unlike other online pharmacies, are positive user reviews on the pharmacy’s own site as well as independent Site Jabber. Legit Script would still consider a rogue pharmacy, probably because it is providing prescriptive meds without asking for prescriptions from buyers. Likewise, Scam Advisor considers it to be the kind of pharmacy where a moderate degree of caution is required by users while making purchases here, which is something one needs to do in making any kind of purchases online or offline. Thus, it seems reasonable to give a rating of 4, fair service.

AUTHOR RATEUSERS RATE (0) Review – Untrustworthy and High-Risk Pharmacy

Buying meds online makes me a bit nervous, as when you buy meds from a brick and mortar pharmacy, you have an assurance of physically checking the products. But with an online pharmacy, the ease of purchase also means buying meds of unknown origin. In the case of Drug Store 24h, it’s not for sure that the generic meds have been manufactured in Canada, India or Hong Kong, which are some of the popular countries where generic meds are made. Furthermore, the only customer reviews I have found on are fake and have been found as it is on its clone sites, which points towards the fraudulent practice of being used for self-promotion. Above all, the verification sites like Scam Advisor and Legit Script help me establish that is not based in Canada but might be from Panama or somewhere else, as its real location is hidden. The seals on are fake ones. So, both services consider Drug-store-24h a rogue, unsafe, untrustworthy and high-risk pharmacy. So, this online pharmacy can’t be rated anything higher than 1, as it is a poor source of meds that may not be safe to use even.

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