AUTHOR RATEUSERS RATE (0) Review – Inactive Domain that Sold Rx Products praised itself for being the “Source of Generic Prescription Drugs” and for having had in its inventory some of the most popular branded drugs. The start of operations was a mystery but I had assumed that it was near 2013 since they possessed a copyright 2013 symbol on the web page. Board-Of-Pharmacy location was unknown as the information was not very forthcoming.

AUTHOR RATEUSERS RATE (0) Review – No Information Available about this Suspended Company is a suspended website with very little or no information about its services. The website claimed to be a source of a large variety of prescription drug that was used to be present to the clients all the time. The company proudly said that it did not let its customers wait for a doctor and provided them with their required medicine with full privacy maintained. Because it also provided an option to ship the medicines to the customers’ addresses, they had the ease to get their drugs by just sitting at home. Pain Medicine used to accept different types of credit cards and ensured that a complete privacy would be maintained and the transactions would take place safely. The company dealt in medicines related to pain, men’s health, anxiety, depression, diabetes, skin care, weight loss, heartburn, headache and many other categories. I was unable to find the prices at which the store offered ED drugs because its website had been shut down.

AUTHOR RATEUSERS RATE (0) Review – An Online Scammer which has been Closed was an online portal to fully licensed Canadian Pharmacies located in British Columbia, Canada. The drugstore’s mission was to provide up to 80% discount for their products. They offered up to 2,000 different varieties of both prescription and over the counter drugs for each patient’s medication needs. The drugstore was licensed by the College of Pharmacists British Columbia. It has also been approved by the International Pharmacy Association of British Columbia (IPABC) and a Licensed Pharmacy Program Member of the Square Trade. All medications sold from the website were inspected accordingly and passed Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards. During the course of their operation, Get Canadian Drugs sold prescription and nonprescription drugs, personal care products, nutrition and wellness supplements, and veterinary drugs. Some of the best sellers or featured items on the pharmacy were Synvisc Hylan, Lustra Hydroquinone Skin cream, Cetirizine, NeoVisc Injection, Emla cream, and Allegra 24 hour. The cost of their medicines cannot be viewed, even the erectile dysfunction drugs. It is being redirected already to the way back machine. Hence, I cannot fully state whether their prices are the same or lower with other online pharmacies. Although not specifically mentioned from the website, patients or customers must book an appointment with a doctor before starting a new drug therapy. This is an important consideration especially if you are taking other drugs and you have a pre-existing medical condition. Many patients suffer from serious adverse effects resulting from the improper use and inadequate information about their medications.

AUTHOR RATEUSERS RATE (0) Review – Closed Pharmacy with Suspicious Reviews used to be an online drugs shop that sold generic pharmaceuticals in the treatment of diabetes, high blood pressure, allergies, insomnia, skin disorders with the main assortment being impotent medications. The common ones such as a pill of Viagra used to cost $1.43 while a Cialis tablet was priced at $ 2.23, the other constitutes enlisted as the most selling were VPXL, Levitra, female Viagra, male reproductive growth pills just to mention a few. Customers were guaranteed of safety consumption as Eagle-Pharmacy drugs were manufactured in India where the Indian FDA had them tested and approved. The question of prescription was left unattended as there was no indication concerning it had been mentioned on the website.

AUTHOR RATEUSERS RATE (0) Review – Unapproved Drugstore with an Offline Status used to be an internet drugstore that was selling both prescription and non-prescription narcotics which were FDA approved. In addition to that, the variety of medications was sold included pain relievers, dermatological, antibiotics, anti-allergies and impotence remedies as indicated in the extended cluster list of medicines. The main assortment before ClickRemedy ceased operations were pain relievers and dermatological whereby 100mg of Brufen in a pile of 100 cost$ 11 while 15 ml of Topicorte skin cream went for as little as $ 15; the displayed drugs were void of the common infertilities like Cialis and Viagra. Clients were encouraged to make purchases both in retail and wholesale. The store was not in the demand of any prescriptions from its customers, though it made clear that the need of consulting the general physicians before the consumption of drugs is necessary. Click Remedy store was not representative of the day it started its operations neither did it bear any news about its physical location by the time of my review. Its customers’ age was a factor that they had put in consideration and permitted 18 years old and above. The virtual store was in acceptance of credit cards among them being Visa and Master Card. ClickRemedy used to provide its clients with an email contact which they would use to clarify issues they found best as well as making orders. Apart from the promotional statement stated there once was the availability of free worldwide shipping for orders above $25 the website remains did not have elaborate insights on delivery methods. It was by mere luck that I got to see its return policy where buyers were entitled to a free reshipment within ten days in case of defected products after they had their claims using a photograph of the same. With the declaration of the site being in the provision of exceptional goods and services, I was quick to click the archived testimonials page.

AUTHOR RATEUSERS RATE (0) Review – A Store of a Thousand Reviews that Closed in an Instant and Left without a Trace claimed to be a “licensed online clinic” which dispensed its products to consumers with the need for various prescription products. This online prescription service is now unavailable, but I was able to source information for the shop using the web archive site. The store’s records span from 2007 to 2016, which indicates a lengthy operation for this mail-order pharmacy service. The store operated for nearly a decade and just closed down without informing its consumers. Though surprising, internet pharmacy services come and go, even ones with a long history of serving its consumers.

AUTHOR RATEUSERS RATE (0) Review – One Closed Drugstore Leaving the Online Scene (Universal Drug Store) was a former online drugstore which offered various products for a wide range of medical concerns. The shop had affiliations with,, and Canada—, which were stores with the same content as the online store, Universal Drug Store. probably had the same façade as these stores, but since the store’s archived records did not exhibit images, I am not too sure how the shop looked during its operations.

AUTHOR RATEUSERS RATE (0) Review – An Invalid Cipla Supplier with Fake Consumer Testimonials is an online drugstore which offered guaranteed worldwide deliveries of “high-quality” generic products to its clients. The store, though, is now closed during my latest visit. Instead of the store, I was only greeted by an error message from the shop’s hosting service. It may be that the store went out of service due to bankruptcy, failed to pay its hosting service fee, or just went on to evade their consumers.

AUTHOR RATEUSERS RATE (0) Review – Popular Pharmacy Guide Has Relocated to was a US-based pharmacy intermediary that provided regularly updated pharmacy listings that showcased European pharmacies, Indian pharmacies, Mexican pharmacies, Asian pharmacies, Canadian pharmacies, and South American pharmacies. This allowed customers to conveniently compare prices for their prescription drugs starting in 1998.

AUTHOR RATEUSERS RATE (0) Review – Fake Company With No Reviews

While visiting I was disappointed to realize that the domain was no longer active and the site had been shut down. I am not sure why the site was shut down, but my curiosity led me to do a review of the site to discover more about it. was located in China but imported their drugs from India. I was not able to tell for how long they had been in existence before they shut down. The company was shut down in the year 2016 since that is the last time they were active. So far, there has been no move to resurrect the business since the domain is still being offered for sale.

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